Pope Benedict XVI Says That There Are People Trying To ‘Silence’ Him As He Blasts Sodomite Marriage, Murdering Babies, And German Heresies In The Church

Pope Benedict XVI is no stranger to controversy, and while he has not been in the chair of Peter for some years now, the ninety-three year old pope has not lost his theological sense as according to Agence France-Presse and reported on by Yahoo! News has written a book in which he writes of people who want to ‘silence’ him as well as talking about the evils of sodomite behavior, murdering babies, heretical theology coming from Germany in the Church, and humanism.

Traditionalist former pope Benedict XVI accuses opponents of wanting to “silence” him while associating gay marriage with “the Antichrist” and attacking “humanist ideologies” in a new authorised biography published Monday in Germany.

The 93-year-old, whose original name is Joseph Ratzinger, claims in “Benedict XVI – A Life” that he has fallen victim to a “malignant distortion of reality” in reactions to his interventions in theological debates.

“The spectacle of reactions coming from German theology is so misguided and ill-willed that I would prefer not to speak of it,” he says.

“A century ago, anyone would have thought it absurd to talk about homosexual marriage. Today those who oppose it are excommunicated from society,” Benedict says.

“It’s the same thing with abortion and creating human life in the laboratory,” he says, adding that it’s “only natural” for people to “fear the spiritual power of the Antichrist” — an evil force seeking to supplant Jesus Christ.

“The real threat to the Church… is in the global dictatorship of purportedly humanist ideologies,” he warns. (source)

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