Major Italian Politician Declares That ‘Italy Is A Slave Of Germany’ as Anti-EU Sentiment Increases Tremendously

By Theodore Shoebat

Major Italian politician, Giorgia Meloni of the center-Right Brothers of Italy party, recently declared that Italy is a slave of Germany. She pointed to Germany’s rejection of the plan to buy Italy’s debt through purchasing government bonds (“corona bonds”), as evidence of Germanic economic domination over the Italians.”The German Constitutional Court”, wrote Meloni on Twitter, “calls on the ECB against the plan to support the economy to face the crisis caused by the Coronavirus. Only to the Brothers of Italy it seems unacceptable that the fate of Italy and the whole of Europe is decided in total autonomy by Germany through its Constitutional Court?”

Her words are a sign of the anti-EU sentiment that has been especially exploding in the last couple of months. According to Business Review, “Italy’s anti-EU sentiment rose from 26 percent in November to 49 percent in March.” If anti-EU sentiment gets substantial enough, it will either cause an Italian exit from the EU or create a big enough eurosceptic movement to provoke the Germans to consolidate their power. Either way, what we are going to be seeing more of is rhetoric out of Berlin about how Germany can no longer trust her allies and that the lack of cohesion amongst Europeans is a justification to surge the strength and capabilities of the Germany military.

The issue of a resurgence of German and Japanese militarism was made known in a report addressed to the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate in 2008, entitled: Chain Reaction: Avoiding a Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East, in which it says:

“In the cases of Germany and Japan, both countries can easily obtain nuclear weapons but have chosen not to because of their integration beneath a NATO (Germany) or an American (Japan) security umbrella. Today, all of these countries have the technical capacity to obtain nuclear weapons in a matter of months or a few short years. … If these countries ever begin to question the reliability of this security umbrella, they would almost certainly reassess past nuclear weapons decisions.”

So the United States KNOWS that Germany will go nuclear if the Germans get the impression that the US no longer cares about their defense, which Donald Trump has made quite clear in his “America first” rhetoric, his support for Brexit and his pushing of the Germans to pay their own fair share. He as also made this clear with Japan when he said that he does not care if Japan goes nuclear to nuke North Korea.

For millennia, Europe has had wars. We are not exempt from another European conflict which will be a part of a global conflict.

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