Russia Erects Memorial For Doctors And Other Medical Staff Who Have Died From Coronavirus. It Begins With Nine Names, Now It Has 100 Names

By Theodore Shoebat

Russia recently erected a memorial to honor doctors and other medical staff who have died because coronavirus. Initially there were just nine names, now there are a 100 names. As we read in a report from Novaya Gazeta:

Two weeks ago, the “Memory List” appeared on the Internet, which included Russian and Belarusian doctors, nurses, orderlies and other health workers who died during the coronavirus pandemic.

By May 5, the list has more than 100 names. Including anesthetist-resuscitator Sergei Beloshitsky , who worked with patients infected with coronavirus and became infected at work; radiologist Vladimir Fioshin from the Ulyanovsk region; nurse Natalia Khechumova from Gatchina.

In St. Petersburg, in front of the building of the Health Committee, on April 28, a national wall appeared in memory of physicians who died during the pandemic. At first there were nine names on it, later the list was replenished . Above some names there are photographs, over others there are images of angels, a symbol of selfless service, purity and intercession. “This is not about politics. This is about the dead doctors. You can bring flowers here in memory of them, you can simply order flower delivery, ” wrote the author of the memorial, Irina Maslova, on Facebook.

The list of the dead also includes doctors from other countries: the manual therapist Zhang Junfeng, who died in Rostov-on-Don, and the dental technician Jean-Louis Cavalli , who worked at the European Medical Center. However, about some people from the list of information on the Internet there.

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