Chef Reopens Restaurant And Announces: “No Chinese Wanted!”

By Theodore Shoebat

As the Corona-Crisis sparks racism and nationalism, one chef evinced this reality when he announced that no Chinese people are allowed in his restaurant, as we read in DW:

Like many restaurants in Germany, Im Schiffchen, a restaurant a block away from the Rhine River in Düsseldorf, was allowed to reopen as part of the government’s relaxation on coronavirus restrictions.

But in announcing the eatery was once again open for business, the restaurant’s French star cook, Jean-Claude Bourgueil, courted controversy with a post on his Facebook page.

“We start on Friday, but only with our bistro. No Chinese wanted!!!” the 73-year-old chef wrote on his personal Facebook page on Wednesday.

Screenshots of Bourgueil’s post quickly made the rounds on social media, with several users voicing their dismay over the remark.

“Im Schiffchen should be ashamed,” one post read. “What Jean Claude Bourgueil said is just sickening. A wimp and liar.”

Asians in Germany, as well as other places, have recently faced discrimination due to the spread of the coronavirus, which first struck the population of Wuhan, China.