Major Scientist Warns Of “unprecedented illness and fatalities” In The United States Because Of Coronavirus

By Theodore Shoebat

A major scientist just recently warned of “unprecedented illness and fatalities” in the US due to COVID-19, as we read from the Independent:

The US will face “unprecedented illness and fatalities” from the coronavirus without a dramatically ramped-up supply of protective medical gear and a science-based response to the pandemic, according to prepared congressional testimony from a federal scientist who filed an explosive whistleblower complaint alleging dangerous, systemic dysfunction and cronyism within Donald Trump‘s administration.

Rick Bright, who says he was removed from his position leading a key federal health agency after sounding the alarm over a controversial anti-malaria drug pushed by the president, is expected to testify to Congress on Thursday following the release of an 89-page whistleblower report that chronicles his clashes with administration officials.

His report alleges pressure from White House officials to award lucrative medical contracts to the president’s allies and details through emails and other statements how officials frequently downplayed and dismissed the dangers both the spread of Covid-19 and unproven drugs being pushed to treat it.