We Warned You: Ten Thousand Americans Have Openly Registered As Socialists Since March

Shoebat.com has been tracking the social and political trends of Millennials and Zoomers for years. While the trends pertain to all generations, the two up-and-coming ones are the most susceptible to becoming socialists, as the support of socialism has drastically increased among them. As we have noted, this is a favorable future and long-term trend for the Democrat party as well as serves to be a major sign of political change, for the issue will not be a contest between “communists” and “freedom lovers”, but rather two different forms of socialists, one with a right-wing “nationalized” variant, and one with a left-wing “international” variety, or National Socialism versus Communism, but all socialists.

The Atlantic recently published a story noting this very trend, saying that since March, ten thousand people have politically registered as open socialists and the American interest in Socialism continues to grow.

Membership in DSA chapters around the country has surged in the past eight weeks. An estimated 10,000 people have joined since March, bringing the group’s total membership to roughly 66,000, according to internal figures. Enrollment fluctuates month to month, but the DSA hasn’t seen numbers like this since the election of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2018, a spokesperson said.

Leaders of the DSA attribute some of this recent growth to Senator Bernie Sanders suspending his presidential campaign in early April, which sent his supporters seeking another outlet for their organizing energies. But current economic and public-health conditions have sparked anger nationwide—and the present moment seems especially ripe for socialist outrage. Millions of Americans like Harms have been fired or furloughed. Fast-food workers and grocery-store checkers are risking their lives for minimum wage, while white-collar employees are attending Zoom meetings from the safety of their homes. And governors are flouting federal guidelines in allowing businesses to reopen, risking the “needless suffering and death” of their residents, as National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci put it.

“People are really starting to just look around and say, ‘Man, capitalism isn’t working,’” said the co-chair of the Detroit DSA chapter, who spoke to me on the condition of anonymity for professional reasons. “If the markets can’t even produce hand sanitizer or toilet paper or masks during a plague—what good is this system?” (source)

The US has arguably been making a transition to socialism since the 1930s following the introduction of Social Security and the creation of the National Labor Relations Board, which effectively shut down the power of unions long-term in the US (unions continued to have a major influence for decades, but as the ability to strike was tied to permission from the NLRB and the unions became tied to the board, they became government-regulated entities that were important in fomenting the unprecedented rise of corporate power post-World War II that has since continued). The US has only followed with more steps in each generation towards embracing a socialist view of government, with each law making the obvious more obvious than in the previous year.

So far, the COVID-19 stimulus bill has been the most aggressive form of socialism ever practiced by the US, as it is open and the largest money printing in world history. If a UBI is introduced, and there is talk that it may be, it will even overtake this.

But make no mistake, socialism is the future of the US because this is what the people have chosen. Expect to see fights between left and right wing socialists, but at the end it is all the same, which is a worldly struggle for power without any concept of God in a darwinian contest where truth is determined by whoever is in charge at the moment.

Many speak of how the future may be different, but the fact is that the future is the past, and we are seeing this repeat as the spectre of the twentieth century looms again.

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