Jewish Journalist Blasted By Warsaw After He Tries To Stir Up Anti-Catholic And Racial Hatred Of Poland

Enrico Mentata, a Jewish journalist from Italy, recently was heavily criticized by Warsaw for saying that Hitler put Auschwitz in Poland intentionally because the country is Catholic as Il Secolo di Italia reports.

Enrico Mentana ends up at the center of the controversy. That post on Poland and Auschwitz unleashes an uproar. The juxtaposition of the concentration camp and the word “very Catholic” provokes the harsh reaction of the Embassy.

Enrico Mentana’s post and reply
The clarification arrives at the close of the post after the words of Enrico Mentana. When dealing with “such complex issues, one must be extremely careful”. It is necessary “to avoid unjustified and penalizing generalizations which are always dangerous and prevent an honest debate”. This is the premise with which the Embassy of Poland in Italy replies to the director of TG7.

Enrico Mentana, on his Facebook profile, about the controversy over the release of Silvia Romano, had written a long post. “To all those who in these hours make horrendous and senseless comparisons with those who returned from Auschwitz (like that Northern League regional councilor who wrote” you heard of some Jew who freed from a concentration camp converted to Nazism and returned home in SS uniforms? “) I just want to remember that the Auschwitz camp was in very Catholic Poland”. Furthermore, «Hitler himself was a Catholic baptized and confirmed. Try to rephrase the comparison now. ”

The reaction of the Polish embassy
Hence the reaction of the Polish embassy. “It is true that Poland at the time of the Second World War was very Catholic,” the reply. «It is necessary, however, always and above all, to underline that during that global conflict Poland was occupied by the Nazis. So any statement that may suggest or suggest that Auschiwtz was built in Poland, because it was extremely Catholic – thus relating these two elements – is deeply wrong, unjust and unjustified ».

The conclusion on Enrico Mentana’s post
The “largest concentration camp”, concluded, “has been located in Poland”. Hence the final blow to Enrico Mentana: «Of course, not for this reason. Rather it is in Poland who lived the greatest number of Jews in Europe and the location was easily accessible by the transport from all the territories occupied by the Nazis. ” (source)

Recall that not a few years ago, Jewish agitators attempted to stir up racial hatred of Poland by saying that death camps in Poland, which were put there by Germany under the rule of the National Socialists- and something in which many Jews actively supported and participated in but many consistently refuse to discuss -were “Polish death camps” and that somehow it was “anti-semitism” to say that Poland did not participate in the mass murder of Jews in said camps.

The response from the Polish government was swift and fierce because the accusations were of such a horrific nature and have the potential to generate conditions for the same troubles that befell Poland in World War II to happen again. Sure, there is no Jew pointing a gun at a Pole’s head- unlike what happened with many Poles such as Witold Pilecki, the Polish and Catholic hero who first exposed and tried to tell the world about the German death camps and was then thanked for his efforts by being tortured to death by the Jewish communist Jakub Berman at Motlow Prison -but just as when the crowds of Jewish masses shouted at Pilate “Give us Barabbas! We have no king but Caesar, Crucify Him!”, Mr. Mentata is using his position to attempt o incite violence, and a veritable mob reaction, against Poland, and for reasons that other than racial and religious hatred have no clear explanation, as his statements fly in the face of open historical fact.

I have mentioned this before, and because the acquisition of any knowledge or skill worth having is the child of repetition, it must be said again.

The reason that most people do not like Jews is because of Jewish behavior. For most people- the absolute majority -they do not hate somebody being Jewish by race or religion. Hatred of Jews is a direct product of Jewish behavior. It is not because, as many Jewish writers have opined in an almost mythical way, due to some genetic flaw, some unknown force, something in the water, some cultural bias, or some unexplainable phenomenon that makes people “JUST HATE JEWS FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL”, as many will often cry. Rather, it is a combination of long patterns of criminal behavior, socially destructive behavior, or both without any desire to apologize, self-analyse, or self-correct, instead consistently choosing to attempt to “deny or deflect” behavior by pretending it never happened or by accusing the person who a Jew wronged of wronging the Jew, and then attempting to use the legal system to hurt that person.

This is the kind of behavior that makes anybody of any race in any place at any time hate anybody. This is not just bad, it is absolutely evil behavior straight out of the cesspools in the lowest circles of hell, and yet while anybody can commit such behavior, Jews have long-standing patterns of not just committing, but condoning and serving as apologists for this behavior. What is often lauded in public by Jews as claims of “superior intelligence” is just rhetorical word games meant to abuse and distort language into whatever form is most expedient at the time and for selfish benefits.

Right now, Europe is very unstable and the continent is leaning towards war in the future. Poland knows this as does every European nation. Their geographic position, between Germany and Russia, is not only one of the arguably worst locations in the world, but ensures that in any European conflict they will suffer heavy losses at best, if not complete annihilation. Poland does not want a repeat of what happened in World War II, where millions upon millions of Poles were put to death by German Nationalist as well as Ukrainian nationalists acting under German instruction, such as what happened with the Volhynian massacres.

What this Jewish journalist is doing is attempting to set a fire in public discourse that will hurt Poland, only to run away and deny responsibility by saying something to the extent of “Well I was just making a statement, I didn’t think that this would happen,” when any man with a drop of sense knows this to be a lie. It would be like a white journalist in the United States making a statement on television saying something like “Well, there is nothing wrong if white people can say the word ‘nigger’ to describe each other, as long as it is not racist”, and then when the inevitable protests, anger, and possibly rioting, fights, or murders ensue between white and black, to respond by saying “Well I was just making a statement, I didn’t want this to happen”, because only an idiot would not know what would happen.

To all Jews of good will and people who care about the welfare of Jews and the human race, it is not just a matter of correcting the historical record, but a moral imperative to call out Jews when they engage in behaviors that have the potential to incite social discord such as the statements of Mr. Mentata because this is how the seeds of violence are planted, not just between peoples, but also against Jews, as people who are tired of Jewish behavior and, having no recourse to justice for wrongs committed against them by Jews, eventually translates a hatred for behavior into hatred for the people itself, and that is when anti-Jewish violence happens.

It is obvious that such behavior is not privy just to Jews- anybody can do this, and so any individual or group who engages in this needs to be called out -but special attention is given here to the Jews because, as has noted for the sake of their good will and the good will of the human race, that too often when one looks at many movements advocating nationalism, racialism, violence, and eugenics, there are too often disproportionate numbers of Jews in major positions of power leading said groups, bankrolling them, or lobbying for them in their positions as journalists, activists, politicians, authors, artists, actors, or other areas of influence.