China Attempts To Claim Dominion Over Former Soviet Territories Of Kyrgyzstan And Kazakhstan has made a few repeated points over the years about Russia and China. They are:

-Russia’s power comes from Siberia because of Mackinder’s Theory
-Russia secretly hates China because she fears a Chinese invasion of Siberia
-Russia will support China publicly but privately oppose her and will not offer any help to her in a major war.
-Russia will be happy to see Japan and India set a fire on both ends of her nation just as a pig is roasted on a spit
-Russia gives China nearly free gas to keep her out of Siberia
-China has been illegally going into Russia for a long time to take timber and Russia intentionally says nothing
-Russia could potentially break up due to nationalist revolts from within
-Russia wants to revive the USSR.
-Russia has been building up her military presence in Central Asia in order to prevent Chinese and also American influence in the region.

These points are not made by just us, but can be found in major publications.

Now according to a recent article from Zee News India, a Chinese website connected to the government has claimed that Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan belonged to China and want to “reunite” with her in spite of the fact that such was never true.

After claiming large portions of the South China Sea and the Mount Everest, two Chinese media have been claiming that central Asian countries like Kyrgystan and Kazakhstan have been part of China and with Kazakhstan even “eager to return back to China”. headquartered in Beijing in a recently published article titled “Why didn’t Kyrgyzstan return to China after gaining Independence?”. It elaborated that under the Khan dynasty, 510,000 square kilometre of Kyrgystan, which means the entire country was part of Chinese lands but the Russian empire took over the territory.

The article explained that like Mongolia, Kyrgystan has been part of the Chinese territory. has a readership of 750 million and is China’s largest mobile platform of content creation.

Meanwhile,, another major Chinese internet company headquartered in Beijing published an article which said: “Kazakhstan is located on territories that historically belong to China”. This prompted an immediate summoning of the Chinese envoy to the country Zhang Xiao April 14 over the article.

Central Asian countries have had huge investments from China, but that has made them also “financially vulnerable” to Beijing. Kyrgystan has borrowed $1.7 billion from Chinese Exim bank which is believed to be 43 per cent of the country’s total external debt. When it comes to Kazakhstan, China has an outsized role in its energy sector.

These developments come even as over the weekend China’s CGTN tweeted a picture of Mount Everest saying “world’s highest peak located in China’s Tibet autonomous region”. The tweet was later deleted and a new tweet was given saying “the world’s highest peak located on the China Nepal border”. (source)

The US has been working to portray China as an unstable nation who cannot control herself, has no respect for the rights of others, and is consumed with thoughts of grandeur of conquering the world. Chinese attempts such as this at blatant territory grabbing work perfect with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, as they only reinforce the image the US wants to present.

China can desire what she wants, but the fact is that she is already isolated from the global community and people do not like her. In a major war, China will find herself alone and at the mercy of India in the southwest, Japan in the northeast, the US from all over, and rebellions across southeast Asia as well as in Central Asia and East Turkestan.

Historically speaking, China does not do well in these situations. She tends to end up conquered from without and falls in a war.

Perhaps instead of worrying about what territory to grab, China should watch what she is doing, because she could end up back in bondage to a foreign power as so much of her history has been defined by this.

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