Democrats Pass $3 Trillion Handouts Bill In The House, It Goes To The Senate Now

Yesterday, warned that the Democrats would likely pass a $3 trillion dollar “stimulus” bill of handouts to the public. AP News reports that the bill has since passed.

Democrats have powered a massive $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill through the House, an election-year measure designed to brace a U.S. economy in free fall and a health care system struggling to contain a pandemic still pummeling the country.

Friday’s 208-199 vote, with all but one Republican opposed, advances what boils down to a campaign-season display of Democratic economic and health-care priorities. It has no chance of becoming law as written, but will likely spark difficult negotiations with the White House and Senate Republicans. Any product would probably be the last major COVID-19 response bill before November’s presidential and congressional elections.

The enormous Democratic measure would cost more than the prior four coronavirus bills combined. It would deliver almost $1 trillion for state and local governments, another round of $1,200 direct payments to individuals and help for the unemployed, renters and homeowners, college debt holders and the struggling Postal Service.

“Not to act now is not only irresponsible in a humanitarian way, it is irresponsible because it’s only going to cost more,” warned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. “More in terms of lives, livelihood, cost to the budget, cost to our democracy.” (source)

The question now is, will the Republicans pass it?

Don’t say they will refuse to pass it.

Remember the basics of public psychology. Let’s review this in context.

All politicians want to get re-elected. Re-election means giving people what they want.

The public figured out they could “vote” themselves the public treasury. Trump gave it to them with the COVID-19 stimulus bill.

If a Republican votes against this- considering that almost a third of the country is out of work -any Democrat with a single brain cell will say to his Republican opponent this fall, which is also the year of a Presidential elections, “THIS REPUBLICAN OPPONENT OF MINE (insert name) VOTED AGAINST A BILL THAT WOULD HELP STRUGGLING AMERICAN FAMILIES IN NEED”.

Politics is not nor as it ever been “reasonable”. It is about emotions, demographics, and perception.

Does a Republican want to seriously risk losing in the fall over a bill when they already vote themselves the public treasury anyways?

It will be interesting to see how the Republicans respond, and based on their response, what the Democrat advertisements for various political candidates will be this fall.

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