Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead

Right now the US and China are locked in a trade war that could escalate into a real war. Israel, the “greatest ally” of the US, has a long and notorious history of playing both sides in a conflict, a pattern that goes back to Medieval times and before. In an interesting event, the Chinese ambassador to Israel was found dead according to Zero Hedge.

China’s Ambassador to Israel has been found dead inside his home near Tel Aviv Sunday morning, Israel’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed.

57-year old ambassador Du Wei had only assumed his post in February 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, due to which he entered a two week mandatory self-quarantine upon his arrival. He’d previously been China’s envoy to Ukraine and is survived by his wife and son, who were not yet in the country.

Police were reported outside his residence in Herzliya, which lies just north of the Israeli capital, conducting an investigation but have told the media Wei’s death isn’t being treated as suspicious. However, a number of commentators are highlighting the context of tensions between the US and China inside Israel as being essentially in a state of behind-the-scenes diplomatic war after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit there last week. (source)

What does this mean? Nobody really knows right now, at least publicly.

But could something be up between the US, Israel, and China? Who knows, but it is very odd that an ambassador should just die at such an interesting time in world history.

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