Major Market Analysts Declare That There Is No Meat Shortage

I have been saying on that there is no meat shortage, but only a manufactured one. Now it is not just us, but Business Insider that report there is no meat shortage, just the perception of one.

Fears have grown in recent weeks that the US will face a meat shortage in the coming months as coronavirus batters the ability of meat processors to meet demand.

Analysts, however, told Markets Insider that the US does not face a shortage in meat or cattle per se, but rather a shortage in workers due to COVID-19 restrictions.

They spoke to Markets Insider after Tyson Foods, which produces about 20% of beef, pork and chicken in the US, said it would lower beef prices to help consumers struggling with the rising price of meat during the pandemic, CNN reported.

Gary Mickelson, the company’s senior director of public relations, told CNN: “We’re doing this because we want to help keep beef on family tables across our nation, especially as our beef plants return from reduced levels of production.”

The issue, the analysts said, isn’t a lack of supply, but rather a problem with how to get that supply to stores.
Adam Kantrovich, associate professor at Clemson College of Agribusiness said: “If you were to look at the beginning of the supply chain, at the farm level, “we have the meat.”

“It is just unable to be processed at the same levels it was at the beginning of the year,” he added that there are “enough animals on farms” to meet consumer demand just not enough workers. (source)

There is no food shortage in the world. The US is a net exporter and producer. She does not need to import.

Food is linked directly with politics, and so the manipulation that is taking place right now is nothing less than political.

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