“Jane Roe” Of Roe v. Wade Declares That Her Becoming “Pro-Life” Was All An Act

When “Jane Roe”, also known as Norma McCorvey, became “pro-life” it was considered to be a major success. However, a recent documentary showing her deathbed confessions has exposed that she never believed in the cause, that she still supported abortion, and only became “pro-life” because there was money in it for her.

In what she dubbed a “deathbed confession,” the woman behind the landmark Roe vs. Wade ruling revealed her 1995 decision to switch sides and work with abortion foes was “all an act” for money.

Just months before her death in 2017, Norma McCorvey told producers of the upcoming FX documentary “AKA Jane Roe” that she still supported a woman’s right to choose.

She said working with groups like Operation Rescue was paid performance.

“I was the big fish,” McCorvey says in the film that premiers Friday.

“I did it well too,” she tells the camera. “I am a good actress.”

The 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision affirmed a woman’s right to choose in the U.S.

McCorvey was the complicated plaintiff, a low-income woman with few resources who came from what she called a “rough” background.

The Texas resident said she was sexually abused as a minor and later married 22-year-old Woody McCorvey at the tender age of 16 even though she preferred same-sex relationships.

She ended the marriage amid allegations of assault and was struggling with addiction and homelessness when she became pregnant with her third child in 1969 at age 21.

McCorvey wanted an abortion but found it difficult in the state of Texas. The affidavit she signed in March 1970 explaining her situation became the basis for Roe vs. Wade.

When McCorvey publicly switched her allegiance in 1995 and spoke on behalf of Operation Rescue, it was a major coup for the anti-abortion movement.

In the new documentary, McCorvey says the conversion was insincere.

Speaking on Election Night 2016, McCorvey made it clear she hoped Hillary Clinton would win.

“I wish I knew how many abortions Donald Trump was responsible for,” she said. “I’m sure he’s lost count, you know, or if he can count that high.”

She later said President Trump’s victory made her “sick.”

“If a young woman wants to have an abortion, fine, it’s no skin off my ass. That’s why they call it choice. It’s your choice,” she tells the documentary producers before falling critically ill and succumbing to heart failure on Feb. 18, 2017 at the age of 69.

“Women have been having abortions for thousands of years,” she says.

“If it’s just the woman’s choice, and she chooses to have an abortion, then it should be safe,” she says. “Roe vs. Wade helped save women’s lives.” (source)


This is a major scandal for the “pro-life” movement. What is so interesting about it, is how nobody seems in the movement to have known about this.

I find it very difficult to believe that the pro-life movement didn’t know this was all an act, especially at the top leadership.

Ted, Walid, and I speak from experience at Shoebat.com in the anti-Islam movement. We all believe in our positions about Islam as it is a objective evil and have not changed because our concern is for the proper moral teaching about the matter. However, as we found out, to our absolute horror, those involved in major leadership positions in the movement, such as with funding and politics, never seem to have really believed in the cause save as a lever to promote nationalism, racism, and eugenics, which are things we are horrified at, have never believed in, and have always advocated against, for the problem of Islam is not solved by mass murder as man is made in the image and likeness of God and has the ability to make free-will choices.

That is why we formally denounced the counter-jihad movement, since we found that it was a den of vipers.

The question therefore is the same- did somebody know in the pro-life movement this was all a fraud?

Certainly a lot of good people- honest, genuine, serious, hard-working, and even some high-ranking people -were deceived.

But was everybody ignorant of this? It is very difficult to believe.

This is the scandal of a lot of these political movements. She seems to have acted not upon principle, but just for her own benefit, and given her history of sodomitic behavior, likely just continued on taking people’s money without any care for the welfare of the movement. In other words, she acted no different than a common politicians, switching positions as it was convenient for her wallet.

The movie will be a “black eye” to the pro-life movement, but it also exposes another reality, which is that the movement has been largely not effective in stopping the abortion movement as support for the horrendous practice has only increased.

There is a story that seems to be relevant here.

For centuries, Moslem pirates terrorized the Mediterranean coastlines by taking slaves from Europe. Catholic monks ransomed many people from slavery, buying them out for centuries with religious orders such as the Mercedarians and Trinitarians, but it never stopped. The only thing that stopped the abhorrent practice was when in 1805, the United States sent a new tactical force that could fight by “land and sea” to storm the last major area where most of the slave piracy was coming from, and forced at gunpoint the Bey of Tripoli to end his actions.

The practice still continued, but was dead by the 1870s in the Mediterranean.

It is true that abortion is a human problem, but the prevalence of abortion in American society has increased. If people will not stop advocating for the murder of babies by their own power, what else must be done? Will it take force in some form to be physically applied against people who participate in such practices to end the mass murder of babies, be it from within or without of the country? For God will not be mocked, and if the willful murder of the innocent is a sin that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance”, what does it say if America does not stop with this evil but continues and worsens it over time, let alone all of the other ones that she already commits as a common practice?

It is something to think about, and another reason not to place one’s trust in political movements.

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