Worse Than Communism: 20% Of Chinese University Students Identify As Sodomites And The Public Supports Sodomite “Marriage”

Communism is not a good thing. However, what is worse that Communism- a political choice -is the willing embrace of sin, and especially sins that “cry out to Heaven for vengeance” because morality is the foundation that all societies are based upon.

In is of interest that Gay Star News, a major sodomite publication, has reported on a study which found that 20% of Chinese college students in China today identify as sodomites and a majority of the public supports sodomite marriage.

The research asked 54,580 college students from 1,764 universities across China about their sexuality.

And 8.92% said they are bisexual, 4.58% gay, 1.22% pansexual, 0.6% asexual, and 0.94% another sexuality. Meanwhile just 77.28% are heterosexual and 6.46% are not sure.

It is a further indication that attitudes are shifting towards LGBT+ people in China, particularly among young people.

In particular, LGBT+ campaigners have welcomed the ‘tips’ given to students alongside the results of the study. They say (translated):

‘Sexual attraction is impacted by numerous factors, encompassing a spectrum of sexual orientation. This is a normal phenomenon.

‘Every individual’s social gender and their choice of intimate partner/relationship is unique, and every individual has the right to make their own life choices and to be respected.

‘Everyone needs to work hard to strive for a diverse, equal and accepting world.’

Late last year, the country’s top legislative body allowed the public to make suggestions for an updated draft of China’s Civil Code.

Nearly 200,000 Chinese people sent feedback in just one month. And over 190,000 of them made the same proposal: legalize same-sex marriage.

By recognizing and publicizing the result, Chinese officials gave LGBT+ campaigners hope they are now more sympathetic to marriage equality. Officials in the past have opposed same-sex marriage.

Moreover, in December, Chinese news site ifeng.com polled 10million people. It found 66% of the respondents favored legalizing same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile the case of a Chinese mom fighting for access to the children she had with a previous female partner has both raised the importance of marriage rights and public sympathy.

The new survey results come as Shanghai starts the build up to its annual Shanghai Pride festival in June.

China has lifted lockdown measures and the organizers hope the festival will go ahead more-or-less as planned.

The 2019 to 2020 National College Student Sexual and Reproductive Health Survey Report gathered data between November 2019 and February 2020. (source)

Communism is bad, but certain sins per Sacred Scripture, regardless of the time or place or race, are absolutely worse because of morality.

So what if the Chinese do not believe? This is like saying “I do not believe in gravity- that is a European concept -therefore I do not have to be bound by it.” One can choose to believe that all one wants, but one will find out the reality in a very hard way if one tries to test it by jumping off a building.

Moral law exists because it is about objective truth and not subjective politics.

China is attempting to become a world power, but she likely will not succeed. This is not to say that is she stopped “going gay” that she would miraculously be exempt from the struggles of history, but since God is the Lord of history, He can make miracles happen. However, by choosing to embrace sodom, to not resist, and to not even care about morality at all (for God sees the heart), then by traveling down the path towards Sodom she will likely mistake it for the great Japanese sun that is rising in the East and crashing towards her, nor will she be able to outrun the pounding of Hindu feet behind her to the southwest as the great mob descends upon the Himalayas and Tibet.

People who have morals get overrun and conquered. Just look at Poland. But the history of Poland is that people turn to the Catholic Faith, and it sustains them throughout their hard times, so that even when Poland ceased to exist for almost two centuries, she did not disappear, but re-emerged, then was savagely raped by the Germans and Russians during World War II, and then abused by Russia until the breakup of the USSR, and yet she still has managed to survive.

China? Her tendency is to split into warring confederacies. With no morality and no care for God but a love of Sodom, she may find herself in worse bondage than before as the Americans, British, French, Indians, and Japanese carve her up into slices of cake and consume her.

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