Costa Rica Bends Over For The Sodomite Agenda And Legalizes Sodomite Marriage

The purpose of marriage is to raise up children and ensure the continuation of society for the future in fulfillment of God’s commandments that He gave in the Book of Genesis to “be fruitful and multiply”. One does not do this by masturbating into another mans rectum except to multiply disease, sickness, and cause bodily harm, and since harm is from sin and corruption, to be a citizen of sodom is to embrace sin and reject God. This theology has been reviewed many times at, but it is always worth reminding one of.

Having noted this, the Central American nation of Costa Rica, which has a long history of pro-sodomite behavior, France24 reports that shen has now fully embraced the errors of the cities of the plain and legalized sodomite marriage.

Costa Rica became the latest country to legalise same-sex marriage early Tuesday when a ruling from its supreme court went into effect ending the country’s ban.

Couples held ceremonies — mostly private due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some that were broadcast — to celebrate their unions before judges and notaries after the ban was lifted at midnight.

Two women in their 20s married just after midnight in an outdoor service performed by a notary wearing a face mask who pronounced them “wife and wife.”

Costa Rica is the sixth country in Latin America to legalise same-sex marriage, following most recently Ecuador, which allowed it last year. It is also permitted in some parts of Mexico.

The issue took center stage in Costa Rica’s 2018 presidential election after the Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued an opinion that countries like Costa Rica, which had signed the American Convention on Human Rights, had to move immediately to legalize gay marriage. (source)

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