Reports: Thousands Of Chinese Soldiers Have Been Moved To The Border With India, Rumors Of Possible Border Crossing

Ladakh is a border region in northern India with China. There have been cross-border conflicts with the Chinese and Indians for decades, but as the Hindustan Times and many other news sources report, thousands of Chinese soldiers have been moved into the region and are said to have crossed into Indian territory.

China may have marshalled close to 5,000 soldiers on its side of the disputed border in the Ladakh sector where India has also sent military reinforcements to strengthen its defences as growing tension along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) threatens to plunge the bilateral relationship to a new low, people familiar with the development said on Monday.

Indian and Chinese soldiers are eyeball-to-eyeball at four locations along the LAC and several rounds of talks between local military commanders , including a meeting on Monday, have failed to end the standoff that began with a violent confrontation between rival patrols three weeks ago near Pangong Tso.

There have been troop reinforcements by China, around 5,000 of whose troops may now be present in the region, two officials said on condition of anonymity. The Chinese forces are not concentrated anywhere near the flashpoints, but scattered on their side, the officials said.

Sending the military reinforcements, including troops, vehicles and heavy equipment, did not require much effort as China diverted the resources from an ongoing military exercise in the region, said one of the officials cited above.

India is tracking all aspects of the Chinese deployments and parity in troop numbers is being ensured, said the second official cited above. (source)

We know that the US is backing the Indians with the anticipation of a major war in Asia with China. China is afraid because while she is powerful, nobody likes her, nobody trusts her, and she is on the edge of another revolution as economic problems and internal unrest are worsening external problems.

China is moving towards India, and India certainly does not like this, and if anything, it will be used as a justification for India to build up her military and put her at further odds with China. In a third world war, China and India will likely go against each other.

This situation needs to be watched like that in Catalonia, for it is a small area that has the potential to explode into something huge.

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