Trump Re-Tweets Tweet Saying That The Only Good Democrat Is A Dead Democrat

President Trump recently created more havoc after he retweeted according to a tweet saying that ‘the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.’

President Trump has retweeted a video where a supporter declares “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat” — and the man’s explanation behind the comment is even more violent.

Trump retweeted a video from the account Cowboys for Trump at midnight Thursday, in which the leader of the group Couy Griffin declares “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” Griffin then explains he doesn’t mean it “in the physical sense,” but rather “in the political sense” because “the Democrat policy and agenda is anti-American right now.” A generous interpretation of the video would suggest Griffin is trying to compliment Democrats of the past, but he never quite makes that point.

The Cowboys for Trump tweet comes in response to a Daily Beast article covering Griffin’s rally at a New Mexico church, which he held to defy the state’s COVID-19 social distancing orders. The Daily Beast asked Griffin to clarify his “dead Democrat” comment in an interview after the Tuesday rally, but he only repeated the statement and suggested that top Democrats enforcing social distancing will “get to pick your poison: you either go before a firing squad, or you get the end of the rope.” (source)

One does not have to like the Democrats. One does not have to agree with them. However, the fact that Trump would embrace rhetoric such as this which promotes intentional strain between parties by suggesting violence is evil.

Yes, Trump’s words here are evil.

There is no accident to what he was doing. He approved and his team knows full well what it means.

Ask yourself, would this be good if a Democrat did it? Certainly not, because Republicans should not do this either.

It is the same principle that applies to the sodomite issue, or many other issues- wrong is wrong no matter who the actor is that does it because of moral principle.

What Trump is doing here is magnified by the fact that his actions are setting a precedent for the future. Basically, if a Republican can do this, why can’t a Democrat do it?

What is needed more than anything right now is peace. There must be peace between parties, peace between peoples, and peace in society. Trump’s words are not causing peace, but stoking the flames of war in society to the point where violence between neighbors could erupt if not now then in the future.

Is this what “MAGA” looks like? This is not what many- arguably most -supported. Rather, people wanted a return to order and prosperity, not a president encouraging what is essentially street violence in the name of political gain.

Trump was given not the chance of a lifetime, but the chance of history, and he threw it away for political gain, for while politicians are just actors, woe to the one who chooses to act in a role that brings the country closer to war and sows horrendous social division.

At this point, what is wrong with Biden 2020, for is it not better to have a man whose mental illness, sexual deviancy, horrendous policies, and disgusting opinions that are known publicly to the world than a man who presented himself as an angel of light but just like a demon only brought darkness?

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