Gunshots Fired Into RNC Office In Arizona

Political violence is not a good thing, and with the extreme rhetoric between right and left, there is a likely chance that political violence will erupt across the country.

It is with interest then that Zero Hedge reports how the Republican National Committee has said that somebody fired a shot into an RNC office in Arizona.

A Republican National Committee (RNC) official tells Fox News that someone fired a gun into the RNC office in Mohave County, Arizona on Thursday evening.

The official said the incident occurred at the Mohave County Republican Office in Bullhead City, Arizona, around 7 pm on Thursday. At the time, there were five volunteers gathered inside when the bullet shattered a window near the entrance.

There were no injuries, but the official said the bullet’s trajectory came “extremely proximity” to where volunteers were working. The official described the incident as a very “scary situation,” and said local law enforcement is investigating the matter along with possible motives. (source)

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