The Government Of Minnesota Announces: Some Rioters Have Ties To White Supremacy Groups

By Theodore Shoebat

During this tense situation, it is not a surprise to find out that the riots are being contributed to by provocateurs who have ties to white supremacy groups, as we read in a report from Heavy:

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said that in the last 48 hours they’ve seen peaceful protests in response to the killing of George Floyd by a police officer morph “to something very different.” The state’s leaders announced early this morning in a press conference that they are mobilizing the largest force that has ever been used in Minnesota to deal with organized groups that are coming in from other places to cause destruction and violence.

According to Minnesota State Commissioner John Harrington, they’ve found ties to some of the people who’ve been arrested to white supremacist groups.

Harrington said in analyzing information on those who have been arrested in the riots, they’re seeing white supremacist organizers putting out calls on social media for members of their groups to go to Minneapolis. They are still working to see which other organizations people are involved with.

This is not surprising, and I would not be shocked to find out that these riots are part of a strategy of tension to foment civil unrest. Western government have been involved in false flag attacks or have planned them out — Gladio and Operation Northwoods –, and these were done to cause a political provocation, so the idea that these riots are part of a strategy of tension is not far-fetched.