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Watch Walid Shoebat LIVE Lecture On February 20th, 7 PM Eastern

On February 20th, 7 PM Eastern time, Walid Shoebat will be giving an online lecture entitled The Keys to Unlock Signs of the End. It will be broadcasted on the Gathering Place Church Youtube Channel, which you can see by clicking here. Be sure to watch the promo video for the event: REGISTER ONLINE TODAY: […]

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My project (4)

My Bitter Journey Into The Catholic Church: How My Idealism Became Disillusionment

Once I was full of idealism, hope, zeal and a pure optimism that I could — one day — start a restoration within the Catholic Church. My journey to Catholicism began in high school, when I started to read on the Crusades. There was something fascinating about warriors, full of passion and tenaciousness, unsheathing their […]

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50 boys

Parents Beg Catholic Priest Who Molested 50 Boys Not To Abuse Their Son, And He Tells Them That He Cannot Promise That He Won’t Molest Their Child

In a bizarre story, a Catholic couple took in a priest and housed him, before finding out that he molested fifty boys. They asked him to promise them that he would not molest their son, but he said that he could not. Why would you house a serial molester in your house after knowing that […]

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