Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Use Orphanage As Training Center For Child Soldiers

Two Ukrainian girls holding weapons, saying “Slava Ukraina” (Glory to Ukraine)

Ukrainian neo-Nazis — members of the Azov Battalion — were using an orphanage as a training center for child soldiers, according to Pravda:

It turned out that in Mariupol there was an orphanage “Pilgrim”, the children from which for eight years were supervised and “educated” by “Azov” (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation).

The “educational work” was as follows: the boys were trained in military affairs, and snipers were made from girls. In a word, they put on stream the production of a sort of “Hitler Youth”.

And these same teenagers, after the start of hostilities, in addition to the fact that they fought together with Azov, they, on the orders of their own curators, set fire to peaceful houses !

By the way, the Russian military discovered a kindergarten in the Kherson region, where the Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been stationed since 2014. Ukrainian soldiers equipped firing positions, and also underwent special engineering training directly inside the kindergarten. In addition, objects for the creation of IEDs were found.

According to Donbass Today:

In Mariupol there was an orphanage “Pilgrim”, the children from which were supervised by “Azov” for 8 years, the correspondent of ” Donbass Today ” reports.

The curatorship consisted in the fact that girls were made into snipers, and boys were taught the art of war.

In Ukraine there is a phenomenon of children being indoctrinated with fanatical nationalism. There was a recent video showing a compilation of various of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, many of whom are children and youths, praising Bandera, one of the founders of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) which butchered Polish people in the 1940s. (The picture above is from this video). In between the clips are dispersed two videos, one of a Ukrainian woman crying how the world wants peace and a man calling Russia’s accusations of nazism in Ukraine “fairy tales.” (Put the CC on for the video):