People In Mariupol Try To Leave The City, Ukrainian Nazis Gather Them Together And Slaughter Them All

Execution of handcuffed prisonr by Azov fighters in 2014

There are new stories coming from the hell that is in the city of Mariupol. According to civilians in the city, the Ukrainian nazis (members of Azov) are murdering people who want to leave, even going so far as to gather them together and slaughter them with a tank, according to News Front:

The evidence base for an analogue of the Nuremberg Trials, where all the perpetrators and participants in crimes against Russians should be tried, is growing every day

And today it reaches enormous proportions, but how much remains to be known? After denazification, it’s just the right time to arrange a show trial of those who survived the massacre on the ground, including the militants of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi battalion “Azov” * who turned half a million Mariupol into hell, not letting people out of the underworld for more than three weeks.

“The city is being shelled, people are being killed. People live like in besieged Leningrad, there is nothing. Absolutely nothing. People with small children, pregnant women… We drink water from puddles, cook on fires, all the time. On the Ukrainian radio, they constantly promise a humanitarian convoy, people are waiting, but there is nothing. On the Ukrainian radio they say that it is Russia that does not allow the humanitarian convoy. There are people who believe in this,” Izvestiya quotes one of the testimonies of Galina Surguch, a resident of the city, who miraculously managed to get out of the city on March 16.

This story will definitely be added to the multi-volume dark deeds of the Kyiv authorities and their perpetrators. In our country, a criminal case has already been initiated against the Azov militants. And how many corpses on the streets and in the cars of people trying to get out of the besieged city. How many stories about how bedridden old people (hardly anyone remembers lonely ones) died not from bombings and executions, but from hunger and cold in unheated apartments at sub-zero temperatures outside, at a time when their relatives were locked in basements and could not get out , to feed them, if there is something, given that all the shops and cafes are looted, there is not a crumb in them, or burned.

But the basements are overcrowded, here the inhabitants are fleeing from the massacre of Ukrainian militants. According to eyewitnesses, neo-Nazis gather people into groups and promise to take them out through humanitarian corridors, but instead they arrange executions. So, for example, there was a mass terrorist attack in the local drama theater, where the citizens who wished to evacuate were specially summoned, and then the building, together with the people who had come there, was shot from tanks, many remained under the rubble, Mariupol residents themselves say. Another favorite tactic of militants is when they occupy the upper floors of residential buildings and destroy those who are trying to get people out of the basements.