Sky News Reports: Missiles Hitting Poland Could Have Been Done On Purpose To Test NATO

Sky News is saying that its possible that Russia hit Poland on purpose to test NATO:

There may be an innocent explanation. Russian fired more than 85 missiles during the day. Precision-guided, but they can malfunction.

But for nine months Russia has managed to avoid hitting Ukraine’s neighbours. Was it a coincidence this happened when world leaders were meeting without Vladimir Putin for the G20 in Bali?

It may be a plausibly deniable deliberate act. An attack made to look like an accident, testing NATO while world leaders are gathered on the other side of the world.

If that is the case it will require a response. Anything less would be a sign of weakness – and that could embolden Russia to take more provocative attacks in future. But overreacting risks dangerous escalation.

Just a couple of days ago I talked about a possible scenario in which NATO would meet its downfall. In this scenario, Russia attacks a NATO member and the US does nothing, thus bringing the whole purpose of NATO into question. In such a political climate, NATO would eventually fall into becoming a skeleton of its former self, leaving other countries like German and Turkey the space to rise up as superpowers. Here is the video:

I did a follow up video about how the situation in Poland is going to be a test for NATO’s reliability: