Archive | November 15, 2022

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Sky News Reports: Missiles Hitting Poland Could Have Been Done On Purpose To Test NATO

Sky News is saying that its possible that Russia hit Poland on purpose to test NATO: There may be an innocent explanation. Russian fired more than 85 missiles during the day. Precision-guided, but they can malfunction. But for nine months Russia has managed to avoid hitting Ukraine’s neighbours. Was it a coincidence this happened when […]

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Russian Missiles Striking Poland Will Test NATO’s Reliability

Russian missiles (reportedly) striking Poland will test NATO’s reliability: Reports are coming out stating that two Russian missiles strayed into Poland, killing two people. This happened amidst a major attack in which Russia launched hundred missiles towards Ukraine. One of the targets was the city of Lviv, which is right near the Polish border, and […]

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Pope Francis Declares: ‘Pro-Life Christians Have No Humanity.’

Pope Francis recently stated that he nominated Mariana Mazzucato, a pro-choice professor, to the Pontifical Academy of Life, to “bring some humanity” to the Academy, implying that the pro-Life Christians have no humanity. As we read in wPolityce: While returning to Rome from an apostolic pilgrimage in Bahrain, journalists on board the plane asked Francis […]

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