German Intelligence Warns: ‘Hatred To The Jews Used To Be Done In The Dark, Now It Is More In The Open.’

German intelligence has been warning that while hatred to Jews used to be something more hidden, it is more and more becoming open, as we read in Haaretz:

The coronavirus pandemic, the Hamas attack on Israel and the 2023 Israel-Gaza war have led to an increase in public antisemitism in Germany in recent years, Germany’s domestic intelligence service BfV wrote in a new report released on Monday.

Antisemitism is an issue across ideological boundaries and in different scenes, the agency reported, but ‘the greatest antisemitic threat in Germany [remains] the intertwining of right-wing extremism and antisemitism.’

‘With the outbreak of the Gaza war and the associated demonstrations, it was striking that extremists who were otherwise rather reserved with regard to antisemitism now expressed themselves far more openly antisemitic,’ according to the report. ‘Extremists of all kinds are exploiting the war in the Middle East and using antisemitism for their agenda.’

This is why I made the video, “The Golden Age Of Israel Is Coming To An End”: