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For The First Time, Ukrainians Are Now Training In Germany. In The Third Reich, Germany Trained Ukrainians And They Butchered Tens Of Thousands Of Poles

For the first time in this war in Ukraine, Germany is training Ukrainians within its own borders, as we read in Global Defense News: For the first time, Ukrainian soldiers are receiving basic military training in Germany, marking a significant expansion in the support provided by European allies amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. This […]

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The United Nations Warns: One Wrong Move By Israel Or Hezbollah Could Park A “Catastrophe That Goes Far Beyond The Border And, Frankly, Beyond Imagination.”

The chief of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has warned that one wrong move by Israel or Hezbollah could spark a “catastrophe that goes far beyond the border and, frankly, beyond imagination.” “The people of the region and the people of the world cannot afford Lebanon to become another Gaza,” he said. As we read […]

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While Russia Deepens Ties With North Korea, Historic Tensions Are Boiling Up Between Japan and Russia

The New York Times reports that China is pursuing expansions in its nuclear capacity: China is in the midst of a “significant” expansion of its nuclear capabilities, and headaches have become common in the region’s foreign policy circles. In the middle of all this there are growing tensions between Japan and South Korea on one […]

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