Make Way For The Jewish ISIS: The Israeli Government Will Be Drafting Orthodox Jews Into The Military And They Will Be An Army Of Violent Jewish Zealots

Members of the ultra-orthodox battalion, Netzah Yehudah

Make way for the Jewish ISIS. Israel will be drafting the ultra-orthodox into the military. While they are Yeshiva students who have no fighting experience, with military training, with guns, and armed with a Jewish supremacist ideology, they will become a violent force of fanatics. There is already an ultra-orthodox military unit known as the Netzah Yehuda (Judah’s Victory Battalion), and they are the most supremacist of the battalions. If Germany has its nazis, Israel has its Netzahs.

The Israeli Supreme Court just decreed that Israel’s ultra-Orthodox (known as Haredim) must be drafted into the military, as we read in Haaretz:

Israel’s High Court ruled unanimously on Tuesday that ultra-Orthodox Israelis must be drafted into the Israeli army and that yeshivas should not receive government funding if their students do not enlist – a ruling that is likely to have a significant impact on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling coalition.

The ruling of the extended panel of nine High Court justices, led by acting president of Israel’s Supreme Court Justice Uzi Vogelman, stated that “In the midst of a grueling war, the burden of inequality is harsher than ever and demands a solution.”

The justices noted in their ruling that when many soldiers are sacrificing their lives, “Discrimination regarding the most precious thing of all – life itself – is of the worst kind.”

Some may think that the Haredim will resist, that they will not comply with mandatory conscription. But here is the reality: the Haredim have adapted to changes in the past, and they will most certainly adapt to the decree obliging them to join the military. Israel’s recent history can now be broken down to “pre-October 7th” and “post-October 7th” Israel. After the October 7th nightmare, a path was paved for a new Israel, a metamorphoses of the Jewish land. Fanatics and zealots got their argument, that purging out the Arabs to make way for Jewish settlement in Gaza is the way to go. With a war with Hezbollah getting worse and worse, faced with a major regional power, Iran, the militarist spirit of Israel is growing intensely. In the midst of all this, there are tens of thousands of young, able-bodied Haredi men (around 80,000) who are not in the military. In the minds of Israelis, they need to be drafted to fulfill the need for the country to be war ready. Regardless of the resistance, the ultra-orthodox will adapt. There was an observation made about this topic by the Israeli journalist Anshel Pfeffer:

this new generation of Haredim will prove, as has happened before in history, that they are willing to adapt to changing circumstances in the world around them.

Just as the “Lithuanian yeshivas” were founded in the 19th century as elite academies and boarding schools to counter the threat of universities opening to Jews and attracting bright young students. Just as at the start of the 20th century when middle-class Haredi parties began sending their daughters to secular gymnasiums and the rabbis were forced to endorse the Beth Yaakov network for schools which had originally been ostracized for trying to teach girls Torah and general studies.

Just as, after the foundation of Israel, when the center of Haredi life had been uprooted by the Holocaust from Eastern Europe, they were forced to accept the democratic rules, form parties, take part in elections and build political power in the state of Zionist heretics, a new Haredi generation is beginning to accept that they must serve as well.

But how will this new Israel look like, with so many ultra-orthodox Jews in the military? While it will benefit Israel in the sense of having more soldiers in its ranks, drafting the ultra-orthodox into the military will pave the way to a Jewish ISIS. For one, in Israel the ones who are having the most children are the ultra-orthodox. If demographics are the future, the future of Israel is zealot. The IDF already has an ultra-orthodox military unit known as the Netzah Yehuda (Judah’s Victory Battalion), and it is known as the most brutal of the units, notorious for committing egregious acts, even sexual torture. For example, in 2021 the Times of Israel reported:

Israeli Military Police arrested four soldiers from the religious Netzah Yehuda battalion suspected of beating and sexually assaulting a Palestinian suspect, according to a Wednesday report.

As the suspect was held by troops in the back of a military vehicle after his arrest in the West Bank, he was allegedly beaten en route to an army base, the Ynet news site reported.

At the military camp, the abuse continued, allegedly including one of the soldiers placing the barrel of his gun on the suspect’s backside, the report said.

There is also the story of Omar Assad, a 78 year old Palestinian-American (he ran a grocery store in Milwaukee) who died while in custody under Netzah officers. He was taken out of his car, bound, gagged and forced on the floor for an hour in which he died.

In 2021 there was another incident in which Netzah soldiers pulled a man out of his car and beat him so badly that he ended up shaking and passing out. “They pulled him out of the car and beat him like crazy,” said a soldier who was not a Netzah. “At some point there on the road, the driver started to shake, and they saw that he was passing out.” “There were people there who tried to treat the Palestinian, who was in bad shape because of the beating,” the same soldier recounted. “They yelled at the Netzah Yehuda medic to come help, but he refused, claiming he was a terrorist. They even refused to provide the water they asked for to treat the Palestinian. It was an insane incident.”

Many officers from the battalion were there, “but none of them said anything,” the soldier added. After being detained for two hours, the driver and his family were allowed to leave, but they couldn’t find their car keys. They asked the Netzah soldiers if they had seen them, but they said that they had no idea where they were. “For more than an hour they searched for the car keys,” said a person who was present at the scene. “Only an hour and a half later, when the deputy battalion commander showed up and started to search, did they find the keys at their outpost, near the rooms. For an hour and a half they lied to the entire world, and this didn’t bother them at all.” So not only are these Netzahs tyrants and perverts, they are thieves. The Netzahs claimed that they stopped the car because they were afraid that he would try a ramming attack. But the Shin Bet security service, the police and the army’s Central Command ruled out an attempted attack. The Netzahs are known for their sadistic streak. “We would go out on routine operations in the villages, and suddenly one of the guys would throw a stun grenade at a home or a passing car. It’s usually just for laughs and because of stories they’ve heard about what battalion veterans have done,” said a Netzah Yehuda soldier who left the army some years ago.

In 2019, a Netzah Yehuda soldier attacked Bedouin at a gas station in southern Israel “without provocation, and while they were trying to call the police” according to military prosecutors. Another group of Netzahs got off a bus and “while they were carrying their weapons and for a few minutes struck people at the scene and aimed their locked and loaded weapons at them,” the indictment by military prosecutors reads. The soldier who led the attack got a month and a half in prison, while the rest got disciplinary action.

While the Netzahs are officially a part of the Israeli Defense Forces, they act as if they are their own army. As Israeli journalist Yaniv Kubovich observed: “The battalion has become a kind of an independent militia that doesn’t obey the army’s rules.” The former Netzah soldier attested to this: “It’s important to someone in the battalion to constantly show that they’re a different force in the sector – that we, unlike all the brigades that are replaced every few weeks, live this sector and know what to do.” The IDF has had to repeat the rules of engagement to the Netzahs, but to no avail. For example, in the town of Sinjil, Netzah soldiers smashed the window of a home, broke inside and threatened the family with a gun . For example, Palestinians in the town of Sinjil near Ramallah reported that Netzah Yehuda soldiers smashed the windows of a home, broke in and threatened the family with a gun. “There was an inquiry into this incident; the whole thing was improper operationally,” a source at Central Command said. “At the end of the inquiry, the orders and regulations were clarified to the soldiers,” but this was yet another event in which the Netzahs accosted people, and this was yet another investigation into their behavior, and another attempt to remind the Netzahs of the rules, which bore no fruit. In 2022 there was a meeting for Central Command following another violent incident by the Netzahs, in which it was suggested that the Netzahs be dissolved. But this was ruled out, because the Netzahs are so liked by the settlers in the West Bank, and to remove the Netzahs would have been seen as a declaration of war by the settlers. The whole thing is a quagmire of fanatics that will metastasize into a horrendous hoard. “We very quickly realized that dissolving Netzah Yehuda would be a declaration of war for the settler leadership,” a defense official said. “Their view on the ground is that this battalion belongs to them, that it’s a force that works for the settlement enterprise.” “In routine times, the heads of the settler leadership show up at the battalion freely and talk to the soldiers,” the defense official said. “Rabbis come to the post and move around freely, give classes and talk with the soldiers about operational incidents. It’s a kind of phalange [a militia]”. The problem is rooted in Jewish fanaticism, the type that murdered Christ. It is a type of fanaticism that causes division between the very people the fanatics claim to be with.

For example, in June of 2023, a police officer came to stop fighting between Palestinians and settlers near the unauthorized outpost of Oz Zion. But the Netzah Yehuda soldiers yelled at the settlers: “Screw this Border Police cop now,” and riled them to attack the officer. A few days later there was fighting between settlers and the police in the Shiloh Valley. “The soldiers from Netzah Yehuda began shouting at the police and security forces, ‘Don’t incriminate fighters,’ ‘traitors’ and ‘Jews are being evicted,'” said a military source with knowledge of the incident. “One soldier spit at the forces.” Netzahs have not only been violent towards Palestinians, but against Israeli officers as well. As one Israeli officer said: “On weekends, more than once, soldiers from Netzah Yehuda showed up and took part in the violent incidents against Palestinians or security forces who came to the confrontations”. They not only want to fight other Jews, but also to purge out the Arabs from the West Bank.
“There was an operation at a village next to Ramallah,” one official said. “In the briefing, the soldiers were told that they were passing through Palestinians’ farmland in Palestinian territory, so they had to act accordingly.”
Then one of the Netzah commanders declared to everyone present: “This is land of the Jewish people and it will soon return to the Jewish people.” They want to ethnically purge out the Arabs, and this is rooted in the Talmudic ideology of the rabbis. One senior Israeli military official lamented:

“It’s impossible to continue this way; everyone in the IDF agrees. It’s an issue that has come up so many times, but there hasn’t been anyone willing to take the flak from the rabbis and [politicians] who benefit from this situation.”

And if people in Israel don’t want to face the rabbis due to their influence, imagine the future Israel when the ultra-orthodox population will be even bigger than they are since they are now having the most kids? If Germany has its Nazis, then Israel has its Netzahs. Make way for the Jewish ISIS. Make way for the Masada generation. And they will be like those zealots about whom Josephus wrote, who murdered other Jews they deemed as not extreme enough, and who decades earlier called for Christ’s crucifixion. They will butcher people because of their race (they want to purge out the Arabs), they will butcher people because of their faith (they are anti-Christian) and they will attack other Jews who they see as not Jewish enough. Together with the settlers — and their fanatic “hill top youth” — the ultra-orthodox soldiers will become a frankenstein for Israel.