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Obama Pays Ransom to Iran for Falsely Imprisoned Americans, i.e HOSTAGES

source Israeli National News Ari Yashar – Israel National News Republicans demand an inquiry as Iran reveals US taxpayer fund transfer was ‘in return’ for prisoner release, and came on the same day. In the wake of a prisoner swap between the US and Iran on Sunday, that took place the same day America gave […]

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Video Recording of actual Murder by Muslim Terrorist in Israel

Footage has been released depicting the moments of Friday’s shooting attack in Tel Aviv, in which two people were murdered and seven wounded, according to an updated tally. The shooter can be seen in the right hand corner while the people at the HaSimta Pub on Dizengoff Street take cover. One of the victims has […]

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United Nations now responsible for the death of refugees meant to be under their protection

  Is there any end to the suffering of Pakistani Christians in Bangkok? How many more children will turn into orphans, how many more families will be broken, How many more tears will be shed and how many more lives will be sacrificed. It’s been years and years that we are begging to UNHCR Bangkok […]

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British Establishment Loves or Fears Muslims/Islam, but the Jews are still Fair Game

What’s shocking is not that people think this way, it’s that in today’s Britain they not only have no trouble expressing themselves, the BBC (the ultimate part of the British elitist establishment) has no trouble devoting large amounts of air time to this. And their presenter are completely incapable of answering these charges. Jonathan Sacerdoti […]

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White House Knew US was arming Islamic State; Pentagon is in full Revolt against the Obama Administration

Posted by Keith Davies political Editor Source UPI Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh reports that the administration of President Barack Obama, in particular the CIA, has knowingly armed militant Islamists in Syria, including the Islamic State. “Barack Obama’s repeated insistence that Bashar al-Assad must leave office — and that there are ‘moderate’ rebel groups in Syria […]

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Obama Admin. lost track of thousands of terror suspects

Source Israel National News By Ari Yashar State Department official admits to not knowing where thousands of foreigners who had visas pulled over terror threat currently are. Share on googleShare on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailMore Sharing Services 0 A US State Department official admitted on Thursday that US President Barack Obama’s administration is not […]

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Political Correctness is more dangerous than ISIS.

Keith Davies, Polictical Corespondent While Europe and the West yet again mourns the victims of the latest Islamic terror attack in Paris, one has to ask apart from the evil doers who carry out these atrocities, why is the terror threat getting worse in the world and not being stifled after 15 years of the […]

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Archbishop of Canterbury: UK plan to take 20,000 Syrians discriminates against Christian refugees

Source Ann Corcoran web blog Refugee Resettlement Watch And, that is because, as we have told readers before, the United Nations refugee camps are housing Muslim Syrians and NOT Christians. The US and now, according to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Great Britain, are only taking the UN-chosen refugees from UN camps! WElby Another Christian […]

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Undercover Video Exposes Amazing Hypocrisy!

Ami Horowitz a investigative journalist that does great work exposing issues concerning Israel. Here is a short video showing the hypocrisy of Irish Jew Haters who are willing to do business with Iranian, North Korean and Sudanese made products, but G-d forbid should they do business with Israel. While not all Irish think this way […]

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More Proof Why “educated” Liberals are complete Morons and are a Danger to America and Themselves

Watch this short video of an interview conducted with “educated” people who support the Nuclear arms deal with Iran, in a good neighborhood in New York City, several are Jews too. . If America votes Democrat again in 2016, we will be sliting our own throats. The above video shows that too many people in […]

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Carly Fiorina is just another RINO with a Polictically correct Shill for Islam: Is she too dangerous to give her the reins of the Presidency?

As the conservative media champion Carly Fiorina as a major political contender for president, it appears Ms Fiorina has many skeletons in her closet when it comes to pandering to the Muslims and the Peaceful religion. The Above speech was boastfully posted on You Tube by Muslim supremists. Bethany Blankley a journalist who has investigated […]

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Blame the Jews and the “jewish Lobby” for the potential Congressional rejection of the Iran Deal

Source blog written by Mirabelle Last week came the wholly unsurprising news that Secretary of State Kerry has announced that Israel, and by implication, Israel’s Jewish supporters in the US, will be blamed if Congress fails to approve of his disastrous deal with Iran. It’s unsurprising because Jews did not need John Kerry to […]

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Nazi style anti Israel PROPAGANDIST expelled from Anti Israel group: She was so bad even they could not deal with her!

Lee Kaplan Israel Correspondent What’s a single divorced mother with three children supposed to do with when her husband leaves? For Alison Weir, she became a mouthpiece for wealthy Arabs as she fronted a nonprofit she named If Americans Knew. The purpose of her nonprofit was to teach Americans about alleged abuses done by Israel […]

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Thousands Of Christians Are Being Kept As Prisoners By Muslims, And They Are Being Mass Raped And Tortured. But Our Team Is Rescuing Thousands Of Them And Now Is The Time For You To Help Your Fellow Christians

  The cases of Kiran, Liquat, Chanda, Asifa, Maria, Nadeem and Venus are just 7 of dozens of cases of rape in which our heroic teams on the ground in Pakistan have saved from being raped and tormented with little hope of justice. Rescue Christians’ anonymous rescuers have delivered them and continue to do so […]

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Persecution of Christians in UK continues, with Pastor facing possible 6 months in prison for Calling “islam satanic”

While Muslims in the Name of Allah are murdering Christians by the hundreds and thousands, the governemnt of Great Britain chose to prosecute a Christian pastor for speaking the truth. While Hundreds of Imams all over the UK preach from their Mosque pulpits, the hatred of Jews and Christians as well as the destruction of […]

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The Clinton’s Favorite And Most Prominent Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Leader Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi Sentenced To DEATH By Hanging

By Walid Shoebat An Egyptian court sentenced influential senior Muslim cleric Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi to death in absentia on Tuesday, in a case relating to a mass jail break in 2011. Former Islamist president Mohamed Mursi was also sentenced to death in that case, along with more than 80 others sentenced in absentia. If anything, […]

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