Video Recording of actual Murder by Muslim Terrorist in Israel

Footage has been released depicting the moments of Friday’s shooting attack in Tel Aviv, in which two people were murdered and seven wounded, according to an updated tally.

The shooter can be seen in the right hand corner while the people at the HaSimta Pub on Dizengoff Street take cover.

One of the victims has been named as 26-year-old Alon Bakal, who was one of the owners of the pub which was the target of the shooting.

A second victim has been identified as Shimon Roimi of Ofakim.

Two of the wounded are listed in serious condition, and the rest are in light condition. The victims were evacuated to the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv and the Wolfson Hospital in Holon. Most of the victims were young people who attended a birthday party at the pub.

A manhunt continues for the shooter, who fled the scene on foot.

While the attack may have been a Palestinian terrorist attack as part the ongoing terror wave in Israel, police are not ruling out the fact that it may have been a criminally-related shooting.

Witnesses say at least 10 gunshots were heard at the scene, apparently from an assault rifle.

One witness who works at the pub targeted by the gunman said the killer first sat on a nearby bench and waited calmly until the bar filled with people, and then began shooting randomly.

Israel has seen an unprecented number of “Loan Wolf” attacks with the murder of 33 Israelis in just a few months. Israel is the canary in the coal mine, this is what we will see in the USA unless we can up our guard a thousand per cent (major surveillance), as well as revoke all visas for Muslims here on temporary and green card visas. The liberals will be calling for it soon but only after the liberals start to get killed in huge numbers.