Thousands Of Christians Are Being Kept As Prisoners By Muslims, And They Are Being Mass Raped And Tortured. But Our Team Is Rescuing Thousands Of Them And Now Is The Time For You To Help Your Fellow Christians


The cases of Kiran, Liquat, Chanda, Asifa, Maria, Nadeem and Venus are just 7 of dozens of cases of rape in which our heroic teams on the ground in Pakistan have saved from being raped and tormented with little hope of justice. Rescue Christians’ anonymous rescuers have delivered them and continue to do so each month saving over a thousand people this month and every month for six months. In one example, Kiran a beautiful young girl trapped in slavery with with her family in the brick kiln was viciously raped, her clothes ripped off from her body by the Muslim kiln owner because she would not embrace Islam and marry him so he decided to ruin her life with this act of barbarity.

In each case the Muslim slave owners take advantage of the poverty and vulnerabilty of these people and in many cases raping the girls on a daily basis, sometimes in front to their husbands if the girls are married.

All the other cases are of similar nature. What is more tragic is that the act of enslaving people is actually illegal in Pakistan but the Kiln owners have political influence over the corrupt Pakistani government of which the United States gives over a billion dollars in aid a year.

Rescue Christians saved 50 girls and women from their Muslim rapist tormentors in the Brick Kilns of Pakistan in June. June was no different and July we are working now to save another a thousand people of which many will be victims of multiple rape attacks. The cost to save one person from the Kilns is only $80.00 and due to your generosity each month we are saving over thousand people, the math is simple $80,000 is spent to save over a thousand people, that is your money at work.

The Bible states in Daniel 11:37, that the anti Christ will not “honor the desire of women” in other words those that hate God will abuse woman. Islamic fundamenatlists being part of the “mother of all harlots” treat women very badly. All cults abuse women, all cults are haters of God. Men who rape and abuse women by biblical defination are against God.

Below are just seven testimonies of girls we have rescued from the hell of the their rapist tormentors and enslavors. The other 43 testimonies will be published on www.rescuechristians over the next few days.

Please share these testimonies and the work of Rescue Christians to your friends, your Pastors and work colleagues. We have so much work to do and no matter how much resources we raise the problem of Christian persuction is so enormous that the World War 2 Holocuast of the Jews will pale in comparison over the next five to ten years to the genocide of Christians. There are over a hundred million Christian people at risk from persecution and death in Muslim majority countries. There were nine million Jews at risk from Nazi Germany of which 6 million perished. We believe the same percentage of people could be murdered that is a figure of 60-70 million people that could be murdered unless we Americans and Westerners do something. Our government is doing little but we can and are doing something. If you can help us please Donate Here

Kiran Masih

Liaquat Masih