Political Correctness is more dangerous than ISIS.

Keith Davies, Polictical Corespondent

While Europe and the West yet again mourns the victims of the latest Islamic terror attack in Paris, one has to ask apart from the evil doers who carry out these atrocities, why is the terror threat getting worse in the world and not being stifled after 15 years of the “War on Terror?” or any other PC term Obama likes to make up?


One of the answers is in the statement the “ War on Terror.” In World War Two we did not fight the “War on War”, we fought the war on Nazi Germany. While not all Germans were Nazis, we still had to fight Germany to defeat the Nazis. Not all Muslims are terrorists but nearly all terrorists in the world today are Muslim. So it stands to logic that we have to fight Muslims to defeat terror. During World War Two, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians died because the weaponry used at that time killed many indiscriminately. While the weapons today used by our military can target the bad guys and the enemies military equipment more precisely, the Western liberal mindset is to avoid civilian casualties at all costs, which is to the detriment of the security of our own servicemen, as well as the potential of missing valued targets in a timely basis to prevent future terror attacks. The prime example of this would have been President Bill Clinton’s missteps when taking out Osama Bin Laden during his presidency. Our own policies of engagement in the battlefield have endangered our troops, which has allowed the enemy to fight at later date and cause us more harm, when we could have eliminated the threat earlier. We also know that terror originates in the mosque, we also know that many of the Muslim clergy are directly involved or inciting their congregations and communities to Murder which is a crime, yet the West in its magnified political correctness chooses to avoid arresting these purveyors of murder because of the first amendment.

The left in their hypocrisy are now more more concerned about non existent racism on college campuses, while advocating punishing people that basiclly disagree with their sick fascist idealogy but the terrorists who kill liberals and conservatives without mercy are ignored, and worse, the left blames the West for the behavior of terrorists and always try to acknowledge their grievances, and especially after every major terror attack. Just to reiterate the Muslim terrorist has no grievance but has a desire to enslave “the unbelievers” until they submit to Allah, it just that simple. It is the same goal of Hitler, that all should bow to the Fuhrer or you will die, or Stalin, Mao or any other tyranical regime. The left who espouse justice are sick with their tyranical desire to silence their opposition, declare “the right” as enemies, instead of viewing themselves as the loyal opposition, that most conservatives do when one is in a political disagreement.

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The Paris multiple coordinated attacks, we at shoebat.com have predicted and we predict even more gruesome efforts by Muslim terrorists to inflict maximum death toll on the West. The terrorists will continue to succeed and will not be defeated as long as our crazy leaders continue to espouse that “Islam is a religion of peace, and that it is only extremists that are the problem.” First, the statement that Islam is a peaceful religion is false, but even if it was true, it is irrelevant, as we all know that all Germans were not Nazis but that did not prevent sixty million people pereshing in the war. The facts are clear, most of the Middle East is governed by “extremists,” and even in the countries that there are moderate leaders like Jordan and Egypt, a large proportion even a majority have Muslim populations that have “extreme” views. In other words the so-called extremists control the vast majority opinion, yet the Western leaders choose to ignore the facts on the ground and make believe it just a small minority. The “extreme” view is Islam is the valid one, under ALL recognized scholars of Islamic jurisprudence, and the moderate ones are shunned by nearly all practicing Muslims who believe in Sharia law. Fox News continues to trot out “moderate” and “liberal” Muslims who do not represent the Muslim community, all these moderates have no following or Muslim members supporting their organizations. It is a false narrative which makes Fox News another dangerous media outlet that misleads the American “conservative” public.

Literally, Political Correctness is allowing you the public to be murdered, and your leaders are leading you to be slaughtered, for now in moderate numbers, but be aware the death toll will rise to massive numbers. The question is how many thousands have to die before public opinion becomes Shoebatized?

So, how many thousands of people have to be murdered before public pressure will turn to the truth? That is the biggest question of the 21st century.

The immediate policy changes should be that Imams that promote Jihad and incite violence should be arrested for treason or incitement to murder. This would include published writings (in English or any other language) or sermons from their pulpits that encourages or incites death to us infidels. Imams that associate with other Imams who are known terror supporters, should also be arrested and either deported if they are non USA citizens or imprisoned in the USA. Islam should be banned from being proselytized in any Federal or State Prison. All Muslim students that are in USA between the ages of 18-30 should have their visas revoked and be forced to return to their countries. Muslims that commit terror and are known to have attended a specific mosque frequently, that mosque needs be closed and Imam expelled or charged as an accessary to murder. The real truth is that 99% of all mosques in this country have an association or sympathize with terror. The ideolgy of Islam itself espouses political hegemony over the world and non Muslims, so America I ask when are you going to awaken, how many of you want to die before you take the war to the enemy? The War is World War 3, but at the moment only one side is fighting it!