Muslim Students Who Were Shot Dead by Atheist, Pro-Gay Marriage Liberal Were Members of Muslim Brotherhood Front Group

We already know that the shooter of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill shares more in common with Timothy McVeigh than with any of those right-wing, conservative, Tea Party, Christian types but how about the shooting victims? It turns out the male victim expressed a good dose of anti-Semitism in his tweets. He also appears to have been a member of the North Carolina State University chapter of the Muslim Students Association (NCSU MSA), which resides under the Muslim Brotherhood umbrella.


In an article that profiled the Muslim students, it’s learned that Barakat and his wife were members of their local MSA:

“They were such beautiful souls, such good people,” said alumnus Mohammad Moussa, who met them in the Muslim Students Association. “Deah and Yusor were only married six weeks.

A post on the NCSU MSA Facebook page claims that all three of the shooting victims were members:


Though the Facebook page for NCSU MSA is still operating, it appears the website for the group no longer is. The last available page that is archived is from January of 2014.

While it’s true that MSA chapters across the country vary in their degree of activism and some are much more dialed in to the larger Brotherhood agenda than others, the NCSU MSA did appear to support other Brotherhood front groups. On an archived page of the group’s websites, they included hyperlinks to groups with confirmed links to the Muslim Brotherhood, to include the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim American Society (MAS), which was founded by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, and MSA National.

Screen shot from archived NCSU website.

Screen shot from archived NCSU website.

The MSA National website is still identifying the three students as victims of a hate crime, despite overwhelming evidence that the shooter was a far left-wing lunatic, atheist and gay marriage supporter whose hot button was someone parking their car in a spot at the apartment complex he insisted belonged to him (but didn’t).

GotNews has also posted several of Barakat’s tweets and they’re very revealing. The comparison of Israelis to Nazis is really an interesting tactic. It’s incredibly insulting on one level but when it comes to the Muslim world, it’s also a bit schizophrenic. It was the Muslim Brotherhood that aligned with the Nazis in WWII to eliminate a common enemy – the Jews.


Moreover, it’s the Muslim world of today – not the Jews – that embraces Hitler.


Then again, never let the truth get in the way of propaganda, right?


It will be interesting to see if Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah – who was one of the Muslim leaders who visited the White House recently – will continue to double down by blaming “GOP Officials” and “anti-Muslim bigots” for the shooting. It should be obvious that Obeidallah is using propaganda and lies in a way very similar to how leftists insist McVeigh was a right-wing Christian. In truth, McVeigh was more like the lunatic who shot these three students. In that regard, this tweet from Obeidallah is simply uncanny because smearing Christians by saying McVeigh was one is very similar to what Obeidallah is doing:


These three Muslim students were shot over a parking spot, not over their religion? Either that or the shooter is a left-wing, anti-Muslim bigot. Which do you say that he is, Mr. Obeidallah?


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