Liberal Atheist Comedian RIPS those who say ISIS not Islamic and ends up Defending Christians more than Christians do

Don’t look now but far left-wing liberal comedian Bill Maher, who has gone to great lengths to support Barack Obama may have just slapped down the president’s core message in the latter’s recent speech about ISIS. That message was that ISIS does not represent Islam. Maher blew that notion up and just kept going.

Maher is a vile left-wing atheist but he is also extremely critical of Islam. In fact, he insists that Islam is much worse than Christianity, which is where he really wanders off the liberal plantation; that’s something you just don’t do.

There are several things to watch in the video below of his exchange with Charlie Rose on the subject. Rose quickly finds himself confronted with the conundrum of having to acquiesce to a fellow liberal who attacks a paradigm liberals are supposed to be in solidarity with – one that says Islam is a religion of peace. Right out of the gate, Maher essentially challenges Rose to admit he’s religious. Rose’s reaction tells you all you need to know.

It’s worth noting that while Maher insists that “all religions are bad”, he does something that most Christians won’t do. He says the problem is not with ‘radical Islam’ but with Islam itself. Rose just can’t process that coming from a far left liberal. Maher shockingly contrasts Islam with Christianity and ultimately ends up actually defending Christians more than many Christians do. In particular, compare what Maher says below with what Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick did (see this post).

Yes, God does work in mysterious ways.

If you watch for no other reason, do so just to see Rose’s face display the extreme levels of cognitive dissonance going on behind his forehead. Liberals have a script they must follow. Everything must fit in a box just so and when a fellow liberal like Maher blows that up and actually shows more courage than the Christian right on a particular issue, Rose just can’t compute and visibly short circuits:

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