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Radical Cleric and Hundreds of Muslims Attend Funeral of Islamic Terrorist… IN EUROPE

Islamic terrorist Omar El-Hussein was shot dead by authorities in Copenhagen recently but only after he murdered two people and injured two police officers. Yet, his funeral was attended by hundreds of Muslims, mostly young males who covered their faces. A radical Salafi cleric was there with his own photographer and had photos of him […]

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Islamic Cleric in Tunisia Expresses Support for Muslim French Terrorists from Pulpit

Tunisia is a small country but as Shoebat.com reported, one of the terrorists who carried out the attacks on Charlie Hebdo has a connection to Tunisia. As a member of what is known as Paris 19 (19th district of Paris), Sharif Kouachi belonged to a group from which assassins who murdered Tunisian politicians belonged. Just […]

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Video: Egyptian Cleric says Christian women ‘train their dogs to play the husband’

The western left derides the Christian right, saying that they don’t respect women. Aside from that being untrue, it’s also a generalization, which is in the same boat as racism and sexism. Here, an Egyptian cleric derides the Christian right by saying Christianity involves the worshipping of the ‘penis’. Oh, that’s not all. Apparently, ALL […]

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Egyptian Cleric: Jews will be gone from the earth when Mahdi comes

As the West attempts to split hairs when determining if Islamists with this view are part of al-Qaeda or not, the words of Islamists like this fall on deaf ears. His idea of victory is for the earth to be uninhabited by a single Jew. Understand how history repeats itself with today’s persecution of Christians […]

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Moroccan Cleric rules that Carrots may be used as Vibrators

Abd Al-Bari Al-Zamzami is a Muslim cleric from Morocco and a Member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. Not only has he issued a ruling that necrophilia is ok as long as it’s between spouses but that women are permitted to use a certain vegetable to… uh… well… Interestingly, as part of his defense […]

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Muslim Propaganda View of Jihad For Gullible Westerners

http://shoebat.org/videos/whatsJihad.php This is the real view of Jihad in the Muslim world and just one example of the thousands one can find on the internet from “mainstream” imams in the middle east. This is typical of the general double speak from Muslims trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

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