Homegrown Muslim Terrorist from NYC sentenced for attempting to join Al-Qaeda

Remember that just last week, we reported on CAIR’s outrage that the NYPD had conducted surveillance on a group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, namely the Muslim Students Association (MSA). As if it needed any further vindication, the NYPD received some with the conviction of a NYC man named Betim Kaziu, who was found guilty of attempting to join another group with Muslim Brotherhood ties – al Qaeda. As he was being sentenced, Kaziu appeared to give taqiyya the old college try.

Via Fox News:

A New York City man was sentenced to 27 years in prison Friday for traveling to the Middle East in a failed bid to join al-Qaida and avenge abuse of Muslims by killing American troops.

“I wish I had not gone down that path,” Betim Kaziu told U.S. District Judge John Gleason before hearing the sentence in federal court in Brooklyn. “I completely regret what I did in that phase of my life.”

So, how’d he do? Did he convince the judge?

Er, not so much.

But Gleason said it was first time he’d hear the defendant express remorse — and that it wasn’t convincing.

“You grew up in Brooklyn and you decided to murder your own country’s soldiers,” Gleason said. “There’s still an element of defiance in you. … You’re still way too proud of becoming a jihadist.”

Any anger that the MSA might have reserved for Kaziu has nothing whatsoever to do with his desired ends, only his means. It’s explosive terrorists like Kaziu, who don’t have the patience groups like the MSA does. The MSA is fighting on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood to take down western civilization via political means, not through explosive acts of terrorism. It also allows for the connecting of dots that further tie the two groups together, which justifies the NYPD’s surveillance on the MSA.

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