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Retired General Who Obama Appointed to Lead Campaign Against ISIS is Defending Islam

General John Allen (Ret.) was selected as Barack Obama’s envoy for the coalition to combat ISIS. While in Kuwait, Allen echoed Obama’s sentiment that the group is “not Islamic” (despite its leader having a PhD in Islamic studies). In so doing, Allen is being dishonest. CNS News reported: A global effort to counter claims by […]

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ISIS Financier who Sought to Force Young Girls to Wear Hijabs Headed School that Taught Muslims in UK

Up until last year, Nabil al-Awadi, a top financier of ISIS was teaching Muslims in the UK at a school known as Al-Birr in Birmingham. A wahhabist fundamentalist who reportedly seeks to mandate that young girls wear hijabs very well may have played a role in motivating British Muslims to travel to Syria to fight […]

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Walid’s continuing battle with Stinking Sheikh

If you’d like to be brought up to speed before continuing, start with the original email exchange between Walid and a man named Al-Faisal Al-Harbi, a self-professed Sheikh from Kuwait. Sheikh Al-Harbi initially heard Walid on the Jesse Lee Peterson show talking about the Al-Harbi clan being rife with terrorists (Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi was briefly […]

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