ISIS Financier who Sought to Force Young Girls to Wear Hijabs Headed School that Taught Muslims in UK

Up until last year, Nabil al-Awadi, a top financier of ISIS was teaching Muslims in the UK at a school known as Al-Birr in Birmingham. A wahhabist fundamentalist who reportedly seeks to mandate that young girls wear hijabs very well may have played a role in motivating British Muslims to travel to Syria to fight with ISIS.

Dr. Nabil al-Awadi (L)

Dr. Nabil al-Awadi (L)

The guy is so bad that even Kuwait was stripped him of his citizenship there. Via the Daily Mail:

One of the Islamic State terror group’s key financiers was director of a Muslim faith school in Birmingham, it was claimed today.

Prominent Islamic cleric Dr Nabil al-Awadi, a naturalised Kuwaiti, was partly resident in the UK until last year, living in Brixton, south London.

Until February 2013, the Sunni was a director of the independent Al-Birr school in Birmingham, which was founded seven years ago.

Now he is president of the Kuwait Scholars’ Union, which has reportedly channelled tens of millions of dollars to the Islamic State and other jihadi groups in Iraq and Syria.

This introduces a new dynamic into the issue of British Muslims traveling to Syria to fight alongside ISIS. There is no telling how many current and former students of al-Birr are in solidarity with the group.

As further evidence that the fighting between the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS is more territorial than it is ideological as has reported, al-Awadi is connected to both groups:

Dr al-Awadi, who is also reportedly close to the Muslim Brotherhood, claims he is part of a collective fundraising campaign for Syria by Kuwaiti charities .

In June he said: ‘Pressure has been put on me to stop collecting aid to Syria,’ adding that directives from the Kuwaiti government ‘were clear: Syria is over’.

But he said money is still finding its way through back channels.

Last year, an Algerian news site reported that al-Awadi is a fundamentalist wahhabist who seeks the “hijabization” of all young girls.

British Prime Minister David Cameron should continue talking more like this…

…and less like this…


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