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White Ayers a ‘Terrorist’; Black Mandela a ‘Complex’ figure

Former Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers is a victim; he’s the victim of racial discrimination against terrorists. You see, there is no real difference between him and Nelson Mandela. Mutually shared love for Communism, Marxism, Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat, bombings, etc. etc. The ideological similarities between the two men are virtually mirror images of one […]

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Where are Photos of Ted Cruz at Mandela Memorial?

Shortly after news of Nelson Mandela’s death last week, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) issued a press release praising the Communist leader. Despite a backlash from conservatives for doing so, Cruz doubled down, deciding to make the trip to South Africa for Mandela’s memorial. Despite being the only U.S. Senator to attend the memorial, based on […]

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Mandela: Master of Doublespeak

The term doublespeak refers to the deceitful tactic of saying one thing in one language and saying something completely different in another. It’s an attempt to fool an opponent and reassure your allies with the verbal equivalent of a wink and a not. The Muslim world is full of such practitioners. As it turns out, […]

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‘My Meeting with Nelson Mandela’

His name is Peter Hammond and he is the Director of Frontline Fellowship, a Christian Mission that goes into war zones, including South Africa. Hammond challenged Nelson Mandela on things ranging from abortion (which Mandela endorsed) to Communism (which Mandela also supported) in a meeting withe the former South African leader and was paid back […]

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Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Praise Fidel Castro Comrade

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both have parents that know of Fidel Castro’s atrocities. That didn’t stop either man from praising close Castro comrade, Nelson Mandela. Ben Barrack talks about this and more on today’s show: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is of Cuban descent. His father fled the brutal dictatorship of Fidel Castro. Senator […]

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