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Anti-Islamic Politician Tells Crowd Islam ‘The Most Barbaric, Digusting, Savage, Backward Religion’ and then Admits to being ‘Islamophobic’

As the Islamic terror attacks, crucifixions, beheadings, burnings, et. al. continue, look for a continued rise in anti-Islamic politicians in the west. There is already talk of Marine le Pen becoming president of France in 2017; Geert Wilders of the Netherlands has been sounding alarm bells for over a decade. While not quite as prominent […]

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Truth About Why Politicians IGNORE Islam EXPLAINED PERFECTLY

No one knows better than Shoebat.com readers the frustration of Americans – and westerners in general – have with political leaders who so blatantly ignore Islam. The video below doesn’t eliminate that frustration but it may help prevent you from beating your head against the wall as hard. In the video below (cued up at […]

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Oklahoma Politician’s ‘Islamophobia’ getting worse

Don’t look now but Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett’s case of Islamophobia appears to be getting worse. Naturally, this has the effect of mobilizing more ‘moderate’ Muslim voices to help cure him. Unfortunately for those ‘moderate’ Muslims, the aggressive strain of Islamophobia is actually quite contagious, especially when the person who has it is in […]

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Proof Wicked Politicians know they’re wrong

In the film Kill Bill, Beatrix Kiddo was all but murdered by her fellow colleagues who went on a murderous rampage at her wedding. The ringleader of the group – played by David Carradine – had been scorned when Beatrix – played by Umma Thurman – left him. The pregnant Beatrix wanted to leave the […]

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The Media, the Church, Democrats and Republicans have sold out to the Devil

By Keith Davies The United States institutions of the Republic have failed. We currently have no leaders, left or right, that represent the interests of We the People. Dishonor, lies and corruption are the models of “moderation” and the truth has become “extreme”. The Conservative Talk shows for the most part ruffle the edges of […]

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Enemy Agents or Cowards? Politicians should come clean

As we approach the twelfth anniversary of the attacks by Muslim Brotherhood-inspired jihadists on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, our leaders have either forgotten or have switched sides. Today, far too many of our elected officials want to side with… Muslim Brotherhood-inspired jihadists in Syria despite the fact that only 9 percent of the […]

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Leaked Explosive Videos Reveal That The Syrian Revolution is Plain Evil

By Theodore Shoebat We have gathered from Arab sources explosive and horrific videos captured by the Free Syrian Army and other Syrian rebels. While what we present is a fraction of what we have, the evidence will show that contrary to the praise of many in the West, the footage illustrates their wanton cruelty, and […]

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Islam Not Mentioned in Honor Killing Report

Gruesome murder of stepdaughter by Muslim fundamentalist, issues of Islam or “honor killing” not even mentioned in Fox affiliate report. No report at all from other main Stream Media. Politicians and Media from both parties complicit in downfall of America. We the people are all that are left to fight the Islamo fascists. Original Report

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