The Media, the Church, Democrats and Republicans have sold out to the Devil

By Keith Davies

The United States institutions of the Republic have failed. We currently have no leaders, left or right, that represent the interests of We the People. Dishonor, lies and corruption are the models of “moderation” and the truth has become “extreme”.

Clinton and Obama: Not held accountable due to fear of others.

Clinton and Obama: Not held accountable due to fear of others.

The Conservative Talk shows for the most part ruffle the edges of the truth; the largest ones fail to take the truth head-on at all.

We have made our cases on several troubling matters concerning Malik Obama, the Clintons’ connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, Benghazi and others to many people, politicians, and the media on the “right” but very few will stand with us in attacking the issues that corrupt our freedom, endanger our security and destroy our constitutional government.

The churches – both Catholic and Protestant – have abandoned the principles of faith for the sake of political correctness and willingly ignore issues that might be contentious or controversial, despite that Jesus himself was contentious and controversial during his time on earth. Not one church has been willing to support the persecuted church with funds that might actually save anybody, at least not to my knowledge. The leadership in the church today has adopted the very perversions that Jesus was fighting in his day. Bowing to evil is not love, nor is ignoring evil but fighting evil and protecting your brethren is the essence of honoring G-d and is Love. The Church today has become the Pharisees of the modern era and they now mimic the corruption as described in the New Testament.

It is more difficult today to get media or churches to invite Walid to share his views and research than it was ten years ago when he was unknown and we first started our journey to speak the truth about Islamic supremacists and to be a voice for Israel. The one saving grace is the expansion of our Internet presence, in which we have invested heavily in order to reach as many as possible and provide real news and truth when it comes to issues of Islamic terrorism, Middle East politics and issues that concern our national security. Our audience has grown by 1000% year over year, but we need to grow it more and with your help, in using our research on Facebook and Twitter and other social media. We are still a small organization but we have a mighty voice, a powerful message and cutting edge research.

The truth is a narrow path and we need all those willing to follow the path to know and understand the issues that we face. Even tougher times are coming and the persecution of people who speak the truth will become more virulent as well as the persecution of Christians becomes even greater.

We need to brace ourselves for the fight, to stand for the truth and expect disappointment of the people who we formally believed “had our back” as it is now plain to see that the media, the church, Democrats and Republicans have sold out to the devil. This is not something that is surprising to us as it is predicted in the Bible as the End draws near.


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