Anti-Islamic Politician Tells Crowd Islam ‘The Most Barbaric, Digusting, Savage, Backward Religion’ and then Admits to being ‘Islamophobic’

As the Islamic terror attacks, crucifixions, beheadings, burnings, et. al. continue, look for a continued rise in anti-Islamic politicians in the west. There is already talk of Marine le Pen becoming president of France in 2017; Geert Wilders of the Netherlands has been sounding alarm bells for over a decade. While not quite as prominent a figure, British politician Paul Weston of the LibertyGB Party continues to gain support among the British people.

At a recent demonstration put on by the English Defence League (EDL), Weston once again didn’t mince words while being critical of Islam and calling his country’s leaders and media ‘traitors’ (h/t BNI).

Another, more prominent politician in the U.K. is Nigel Farage, head of the United Kingdom Freedom Party (UKIP). His move toward taking an anti-Islamic posture in his country has been aided by the pull from the likes of Wilders, le Penn and Weston.


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