Rationalizing Cowardice in Court: Judge bows to Mecca

Being a coward is so dishonorable that people – including judges like the one in this case – will go to great lengths to avoid being properly diagnosed with it.

Via Pundit Press:

In 2011, death row inmate Abdul Awkal sued an Ohio prison because he was receiving non-halal food while in prison. As a consequence, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction banned all pork products in prison.

This year, prisoner James Rivers filed a lawsuit arguing that pork should not be outright banned. He reasoned that, should Muslims not want to eat pork, they had the right to, but that it was discriminatory to ban pork for everyone. Additionally, the prison did offer meals without pork products in them before the ban.

To reinforce Rivers’s lawsuit, prison authorities argued that the change to all-halal food could potentially “bankrupt the system.” Despite all of this, a federal judge has thrown out Rivers’s case, refusing to even hear it in court.

The judge stated that forcing non-Muslims to adhere to a Muslim diet is not the establishment of a religion because everyone eats the same food. He did not comment on the fact that, before the lawsuit by Awkal, all prisoners ate the same food in the first place.

Interesting try, Judge, but we know the truth.

You’re a cowardly lion who wants everyone to think you’re tough:


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