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Insane, Far Left-Wing New York City Mayor Suggests Shooting Deaths of Three Muslims was a Hate Crime Committed by Insane, Far Left-Wing Atheist

Thanks to Facebook, it’s easy for anyone – including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio – to ascertain a credible profile of the Chapel Hill shooter who killed three Muslim students. It’s also just as easy to formulate a basic profile of those students. Thanks to eye witness accounts of the shooter’s behavior, it’s […]

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Muslim Students Who Were Shot Dead by Atheist, Pro-Gay Marriage Liberal Were Members of Muslim Brotherhood Front Group

We already know that the shooter of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill shares more in common with Timothy McVeigh than with any of those right-wing, conservative, Tea Party, Christian types but how about the shooting victims? It turns out the male victim expressed a good dose of anti-Semitism in his tweets. He also appears […]

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Far Left Lunatic Who Hates God Kills Three Muslims, And Because He Is Not Christian, The Liberals And Muslims Are NOT SAYING ANYTHING

Muslims and leftists love to cite Timothy McVeigh as an example to show Muslims are not the only brand of terrorists. Yet, in the case of the suspect who shot three Muslim Students to death in Chapel Hill, NC, the comparison is perhaps more accurate than it’s ever been but neither Muslims nor leftists are […]

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American Muslim Civil Rights Group Makes Excuses For Boko Haram’s Kidnapping 200 Girls

Former Executive Director of CAIR-Florida, Ahmed Bedier was one of several Muslim leaders to speak at the National Press Club recently and equated the actions of Boko Haram to those of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) while making the case that one warlord named Joseph Kony is a Christian, in order to argue that religion […]

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Algerian Hostage: Kidnappers came and Murdered ‘in the name of Islam’

Every once in a while, the liberal media prints something that torpedoes all that it seems bent on defending. While the details of the attack on a gas plant in Algeria have been slow in coming, one of the hostages was quoted by the New York Times as saying the following: One Algerian who managed […]

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Predictable: Left blames Michele Bachmann for Sikh Temple shooting

Now that the Sikh Temple shooter – Wade Michael Page – has been identified by multiple news sources as a neo-Nazi, the Los Angeles Times writes in the very first sentence of this story that Page associated with ‘right-wing extremists’. Leftists are using twitter to blame the likes of Michele Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh. If […]

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Der Spiegel: Neo-Nazis aided Arafat’s Black September in 1972 Munich Attack

It seems like just yesterday when we learned that NPR consistently furthers a narrative that says Yasser Arafat only “flirted with limited violence.” Oh yeah, it WAS yesterday. Timohty McVeigh has rightfully been demonized for being a Neo-Nazi. According to CNN, that makes him a ‘right wing extremist’. Uh, if Timothy McVeigh was a ‘right […]

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