Far Left Lunatic Who Hates God Kills Three Muslims, And Because He Is Not Christian, The Liberals And Muslims Are NOT SAYING ANYTHING

Muslims and leftists love to cite Timothy McVeigh as an example to show Muslims are not the only brand of terrorists. Yet, in the case of the suspect who shot three Muslim Students to death in Chapel Hill, NC, the comparison is perhaps more accurate than it’s ever been but neither Muslims nor leftists are making that comparison.

Hicks and McVeigh: Both atheists and leftists.

Hicks and McVeigh: Both atheists and leftists.

The alleged shooter in Chapel Hill is a man named Craig Stephen Hicks. Like McVeigh was, he is white. McVeigh was a self-professed agnostic and Hicks is an atheist. Both are far cries from being right-wing Christians.

McVeigh bemoaned the killing of innocents at Ruby Ridge and Waco, using those incidents as justification for killing… innocents, to include children.

On Hicks’ Facebook page, his banner boldly proclaims that he is ‘Anti-Theism’ and touts himself as one of the ‘Atheists for Equality’. Perhaps most ironic is that Hicks berates people of faith for having ‘superstitions’ that ‘keep killing people’. Assuming Muslim college students qualify as ‘people’, it’s more than just a little bit hypocritical:


McVeigh considered his religion to be science. Hicks proudly displays a photo of Bill Nye the “Science Guy” with an accompanying quote attributed to Nye. It says:

“The best argument against religion is a five minute conversation with the average religious person.”

Hicks also proudly displays a quote of an atheist he seems to revere, namely Madalyn Murray O’Hair:

(via Hicks Facebook)

(via Hicks Facebook)

In one of his several Facebook photos, Hicks compares the Nazi Party to the Tea Party, which is precisely what the Occupy Wall Street crowd did in 2011. This is where the comparisons get a little tricky but they’re there. McVeigh was a neo-Nazi; the American Nazi Party endorsed the Occupy Wall Street protests; the Tea Party is antithetical to OWS; and Hicks attempted to demagogue the Tea Party by likening it to the Nazi Party.

HIcks Facebook page compares Nazi Party to Tea Party.

HIcks Facebook page compares Nazi Party to Tea Party.

That may seem to be confusing but don’t forget, Muslims like to both praise Hitler and the Nazis while also insisting that Jews are the real Nazis. In the case of Hicks, the comparison is more about painting the Tea Party as being evil than it is making a statement on Nazism.

In addition to obsessing about his atheism, Hicks is also a strong proponent of gay marriage. We’re not sure where McVeigh stood on this one but being in support of gay marriage is clearly a left-wing issue. In fact, speaking of Nazis, many of the Nazi leaders were themselves homosexuals. The homosexual deviancy of the Nazis is well documented.

It sounds like McVeigh and Hicks might agree on quite a few things. Nonetheless, Muslims like one of the American leaders who visited the White House – Dean Obeidallah – is still twisting himself into knots to blame the right:


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