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ISIS Getting Weapons and Ammo Meant for Syria’s ‘Moderate’ Rebels

In an interview with NPR, a field investigator for Conflict Armament Research (CAR) named Damien Spleeters revealed that ISIS is becoming the beneficiary of weapons coming from an increasingly prolific list of countries. Many of these weapons are not intended for ISIS but end up in their hands anyway. Below are some excerpts from the […]

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Japan’s Government Approves Itself To Export Weapons

By Theodore Shoebat The ruling bloc of Japan’s government has just approved for their country to export weapons to other countries. The Buddhist party, New Komeito, while often presenting itself as a party of peace, also approved of the resolution. Shoebat.com forewarned you about the New Komeito’s activities in regards to enabling Japan to transfer […]

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Terrorists Use American Equipment, “paid for by US taxpayers.”

By Theodore Shoebat If every American, who actually pays taxes, knew where their money is going to, there would be a torrent of anger and uproar (not that there already is outrage, but it would be even greater). Fred Hof, who once served as Hillary Clinton’s special representative on Syria, reported this week that Islamist […]

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Iraq ‘Air Bridge’ open to Iran’s Syrian-bound weapons

Iraq’s Foreign Minister has insisted that he is powerless to stop weapons transfers from Iran to Syria across what’s been called an ‘air bridge’ over his country. However, Hadi al-Ameri, Iraq’s Transportation Minister, who has been implicated in the 1996 Khobar Towers bombings (among other things), has expressed loyalty to Iran’s Ayatollah in the past. […]

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