Camel Urine: Drink Up and Bon Appétit!

Message from Walid…

In the Arab world, Camel Urine products are going viral.. It’s a solution for cancer, hair loss, cosmetics… even camel urine shampoo, in capsule forms, camel urine oils… debates on which is the best way to apply camel urine on blogs, I searched and searched the Arabic for some sanity but no one dares to expose the camel urine myth since camel urine is ordered by Muhammad himself. From Misyar (pleasure marriage) to camel urine, the middle east is becoming crazier by the day.

Viewer discretion IS advised.

First up, a liberal (what else can he be) takes the plunge:

Next, Camel pee out of a teapot:

Or this, courtesy of Al-Jazeera. This serving (at the 1:00 mark) came with a head on it.


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  • Eldgammel

    This is clever and very deceptive

    If you belive in the camel pee and its “value” then you also automatically have accepted they story behind it… where he cut the arms and legs of the guys who chased off his camel..

  • Sound Doc

    The argument that Muslims make for justifying the drinking of camel urine is quite simple: the Muslim world must prove that Mohammad did not lie to them and in someway Allah had revealed to Mohammad some science that all Muslim must accept at face value. So they seek to find any little thread of truth to a blatant lie or at best an ancient ‘wives tale’ about the benefits of drinking such a vile waste product. As hard as I tried I could not find any non-Islamic source for the vast benefits of drinking Camel Urine. The data on treatments for Hepatitis “C” with Camel urine was only found at the Islamic motivated sites.

    So I don’t think that the New England Journal of Medicine is going to make a camel urine drinking recommendation in the near future.

  • mickeyobe

    Bottoms up boys.

    Hump hooch.