Female DNA on Boston Bomb NOT from Tsarnaev Widow (Has hospitalized Female Saudi been ruled out yet?)

Ok, so neither the fingerprints nor the female DNA found on one of the Boston marathon bombs belong to Katherine Russell-Tsarnaev, the wife of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

With this news, we’d like to ask one simple question: Has the female Saudi national who was injured in the blast been ruled out as a suspect? Has her DNA been tested?

There were two Saudi nationals hospitalized after the bombings – Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi and a female doctor named Nura Khalid Saleh al-Ajjaji.

It’s already been reported that Al-Harbi received a 212 3B terrorist designation, so what of al-Ajjaji? Does she know Al-Harbi? If so, how well?

Here’s the CBS report on Katherine Tsarnaev being ruled out as a source of the DNA / fingerprints:

h/t Hot Air


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  • Demelza

    Oh what a tangled web they weave, while they practice to deceive!

    Walid, it’s a very good point you make about the female doctor whose DNA has not been done. Why? Who is trying to shield her from having this done?

  • Boy. The ‘stuff’ just keeps getting deeper and deeper with this entire Boston bombing business. Time to roll up the pants legs..if I can roll them any higher!

  • Clare

    If toddlers could talk….
    What about the child in this environment, hours and hours of the Dad caring for the child while he practices bomb building?
    It seems to me that somehow, somewhere, she would be aware of her husband’s unsafe activities while staying at home with the child. And there’s this – Muslims teach violence to their children, physically abuse both wives and children, and dominate wives. This is acceptable in Islam. So maybe he could carry on with impunity.