Why is Ted Cruz buying the Obama line on Syria?

Is it crazy to say that there are multiple, credible reports suggesting the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood rebels are the ones who used Chemical weapons? It might be crazy to say that inside the Washington, D.C. beltway but outside the beltway, it might be crazier to assert with fortitude that the Assad regime was responsible. That’s what makes the words of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) so curious.

Ted Cruz: Buying the Obama line on Assad's use of Chemical weapons?

Ted Cruz: Buying the Obama line on Assad’s use of Chemical weapons?

We have reported extensively right here, that the evidence against the rebels is far more compelling than the evidence against the Assad regime. During a speech at the Heritage Foundation’s Jesse Helms Lecture Series on September 11th, Cruz touted the Obama administration’s line that Assad…

“…used Chemical weapons to gas some 1400 innocent civilians, including over 400 children.”

This is very important because after his speech, Cruz took three questions (questions asked all at once, then Cruz answered, which explains the edit in the clip below). One of the questions asked had to do with reports that it was the rebels who used the Chemical weapons. Cruz was asked if he’d seen intelligence that left him 100% sure that it was Assad. Based on what he said in his speech, his answer to that question was troubling.

Essentially, the Senator from Texas conceded that he had not

“…seen compelling evidence that Assad personally knew about the use of Chemical weapons.”

Ted Cruz is a lawyer. Yet, he asserted that Assad used Chemical weapons prior to admitting he had not seen “compelling evidence” that he did. Why would a lawyer ever do this?

Cruz then said something even more amazing:

“I don’t have reason to doubt the veracity of the administration officials who are stating that. I believe they’re acting in good faith so I don’t have reason to doubt the veracity…”

Really? Isn’t this the Senator that is supposed to be leading the conservative charge against a wicked, corrupt, and pathologically lying administration? Isn’t Cruz the guy who is supposed to be saying “crazy things” without regard for what people on Capitol Hill think? For some context, the beginning of this clip includes the tail end of a story Cruz told about John Wayne donating to the campaign of Jesse Helms. When Helms called the Duke to thank him, John Wayne reportedly told Helms the country needed more people to “say crazy things”.

Here’s one of several good reasons to doubt the veracity of what senior Obama administration officials say about attacks:

As a side note, we know that Cruz’s staff has all of the information on Malik Obama’s dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood and the government of Sudan. They’ve had this information for months. Yet, they’ve not said anything publicly about it.

If Senator Cruz would like to be perceived as the guy who’s willing to say “crazy things”, perhaps he should start with that. It’s certainly more provable than the assertion that Assad used Chemical weapons.


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  • rich

    I don’t get it.

    – rebels used gas
    – Syrian govt. used gas with Assad’s permission
    – Syrian govt. used gas without Assad’s permission
    – any combination of these

    It seems there may be conflicting evidence, or massive deceit or both.

    I still think Obama is a hypnotist or is putting something in the water from which most of this government is drinking.
    I’m glad it’s all so clear, honest and “transparent”!

    • rettemich

      I agree about the absolutely mystifying way that outspoken conservatives turn into mushy, compliant kitty cats. What kind of seduction transformed tough-talking Chris Christie into a doe-eyed, adoring fan of Barack Obama. He looked almost like he was in love by the end of Obama’s visit with him some months ago. John Boehner (poor, unstable, dysfunctional guy that he is) has been acting increasingly like Obama’s slobbering lap dog since Barry took him and John Kasich golfing back when. Is the NSA providing useful info on these people that might make it a little easier to “seduce” them into cooperation?

      I am so grateful for the trustworthy trio of Michele Bachmann, Steve King, and Louis Gohmert. They are probably the only squeaky-clean leaders in the Congress, and therefore the only ones who can’t be blackmailed or threatened by the mafia that has taken over our Federal government.

  • Miss Annie
  • sumsrent

    There ya go folks…

    No action required… no intervention needed… when Christians are being persecuted, raped, enslaved, tortured and murdered.

    Heck… slicing the throats of Christians isn’t newsworthy… forcing them to endure torture and paying the satanic Jizya tax… not worth the front page of the news…

    But any hint at some satanic muslims being exposed to some chemicals… NOW THAT’S GOT TO BE THE TOP STORY FOR THE MONTH!!!


    I’ll tell ya… in the satanic New World Islamic Economic System… Christians need to be killed off… [they spread the message of Salvation.]

    And… hear this…

    In Syria… having Shiite’s sit around in an Islamic nation is unproductive. The satanic Sunni muslims need to move them along to other nations and begin the occupation and dhimmitude of securing the advancement of satanic Islam.

    The program has been evident since Iraq…

    Kill the Infidel Christians and force the apostate Shiites into Western Nations to begin the process of world domination. <<< [Read that again! Let it sink in!]

    And any Shiite who doesn't get the picture and doesn't participate… kill them too!

    There ya have it folks… that's what's going in the satanic Islamic controlled Middle East… that's what's going on in Syria. That's why our satanic worshipping Islamic muslim of a President… called Hussein Obama is pushing to attack Assad.

    It's all about Sunni power! All about that satanic Babylonian Cube in Mecca which muslims encircle symbolizing the rings around Saturn.

    Let me ask you…

    Ever wonder about what's inside of that satanic Cube in Mecca… look it up. And also do a little research about what those things inside that satanic Cube represents.

    PS… The American Statue of Liberty… is a representation of satanic Babylon too… and… Washington DC is laid out in a satanic goat head star symbol. Research the truth… and become awakened!

    Islam is satan's death Army! Islam is satan's killing machine! Islam is exactly what the Bible has warned us about!

    • Pat

      “Kill the Infidel Christians and force the apostate Shiites into Western Nations to begin the process of world domination. <<< [Read that again! Let it sink in!]"

      Yes, it's sunk in and my Christian friends don't have time to listen to me warn them, let alone the non-Christian friends! The only victory we have is Jesus. Only He can carve into the soul of a satanic Muslim and reveal to him/her the TRUTH! We can't reach them because we get killed.
      I have friends who live in very dangerous countries and continue their mission work and they live with the knowledge that they may die or be imprisoned with no one to come to their defense.

  • daveck

    Every DC politician has been bought by the money that always surrounds power
    Cruz is no different
    DC and it’s cohorts are totally corrupt, leaving a sleepwalking America utterly defenseless
    Both parties and their representatives play with us, the sheep
    DC believes they are the sheep dogs
    America led by Obama is playing out it’s post cold war role
    We and the world, are descending into chaos.
    China, Russia and their allies will benefit from that and come 2021 will completely rule the roost
    Some would call that scenario “the end times”

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