The US Constitution Is Not Inspired By God

By Theodore Shoebat

Don’t get me wrong, some of the best Christians I know are Americans, and some of the best supporters of our Rescue Christians organization, are Americans. With that said, I will show as to why I conclude that the US Constitution is not inspired by God.

Over these recent years I have heard frequently from conservatives (especially those of a secular persuasion) that the US Constitution is a divinely inspired document, as though God wrote it as He wrote the Ten Commandments.

This assertion is also a part of the popularly held pretension that America is an extension of ancient Israel.

One of the main propagators of these ideas, is Glenn Beck. He said that:

It is God’s finger that wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

To make his point, Beck use false historical narrative, which no historian would support, saying ideas in light of his assertion that America is an extension of Israel:

The Israelites, the lost ten tribes, started to scatter the other direction, they went to the coastlines, generally in the area where are pilgrims came from. Judah kept the Torah alive, those who were taken captive by the Assyrians(Caucasians) they started to populate the Western part of Europe. All of Western civilization is based on the laws of Israel.

It would be beyond any formidable historian, to even think of such a fantasy to be regarded as history. Many of his sycophants would benefit reading actual history: before Christianity came to England, the British were savage heathens, they did not have the Law of Moses; it was the priests, named Cedd and Chad, who first brought the Faith to the pagan Mercians, who lived in England; and Christianity first significantly permeated England when the pagan British king, Lucius, was baptized by Pope Eleutherus in 156 AD, many centuries before the Puritans were ever founded. (1)

Before the light of Christ arrived to England, there was no knowledge of the Law of Moses, there was however, the worship of planetary gods, such as Mercury.

It was from Christian England where the Puritans came, and therefore, as trite as this may sound, America is an extension of Protestant Britain, not Israel. Why anyone, with all of this rich history of the Church, would believe a Mormon who uses Mormon fairy tales, is beyond me.

And this leads me to my next, and primary, point.

While many conservatives in America may subscribe to this belief, that the American Constitution is divinely inspired, they must remember that this is prevalently a Mormon doctrine, not a Christian one. Thus why Beck keeps repeating it while claiming to be Christian. What he said correlates with the Book of Mormon when it states that the Israelites will come to America:

But behold, thus saith the Lord God: When the day cometh that they shall believe in me, that I am Christ, then have I covenanted with their fathers that they shall be restored in the flesh, upon the earth, unto the lands of their inheritance.

And it shall come to pass that they shall be gathered in from their long dispersion, from the isles of the sea, and from the four parts of the earth; and the nations of the Gentiles shall be great in the eyes of me, saith God, in carrying them forth to the lands of their inheritance. (2 Nephi 10:7-8)

In a stunt of pure replacement theology, Joseph Smith stole the Abrahamic Covenant and connivingly reverted it to America.

LDS president President J. Reuben Clark, mentioned the Constitution as “part of my religion,” and Mormon writer, Tim Ballard, on Glenn Beck’s radio show, said

I believe these ancient prophets [of the Bible], knew of the promise land of America.

He continued to say that

God led migrations out of Israel and that they — he led them to the promise land of America. This was another exodus of sorts…

Glenn Beck disrupted him to say that the early migrants to America

were completing the journey that Moses started…

Ballard continued on to say that his views on America are in agreement with Jonathan Khan’s book, The Harbinger, which has no historic grounds whatsoever:

…I don’t know if you’ve heard of a book called The Harbinger by Jonathan Khan…[it] says the exact same thing that I’m saying, the covenant has been extended from Israel, from ancient Israel, to America.

It is for this reason that Khan’s fallacious arguments are used by cultists.

The LDS book, Doctrine and Covenant, which Mormons believe to have been communicated to Joseph Smith through spiritual revelation, and which they blasphemously attribute to the mouth of God, exalts the Constitution as being divinely inspired, and says that God gave to it the belief of religious equality:

According to the laws and constitution of the people, which I have suffered to be established, and should be maintained for the rights and protection of all flesh, according to just and holy principles;

That every man may act in doctrine and principle pertaining to futurity, according to the moral agency which I have given unto him, that every man may be accountable for his own sins in the day of judgment.

Therefore, it is not right that any man should be in bondage one to another. And for this purpose have I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose, and redeemed the land by the shedding of blood. (D&C 101:77-80)

The Constitution has great elements of human genius, but it is not divinely inspired, for within it lies the belief in religious equality and liberty, something which contradicts the Bible. Religious liberty or toleration, is not in the Bible, in the first five books of Moses, we have a myriad of examples of religious intolerance and inequality.

Jacob purging his household of false gods (Genesis 35:2-4), Moses’ killing of the golden calf worshippers (Exodus 32:27-28), the Levitical sentencing of capital punishment for anyone who conducts child sacrifice (Leviticus 20:2), God’s command to have hung anyone who worshipped Midianite deities, Phinehas’ slaying of those who worshipped Baal-peor (Numbers 25:4-8), and the injunction of Moses to execute sun and moon worshippers (Deuteronomy 17:2-7), is evidence enough for my point.

Now to be fair, I do not believe in being tyrannical to non-Christians. Numbers 15:14-15 states that foreigners must be treated as being equal before the law. But this does not mean equality of religions, in fact, it states that the stranger, before entering, must make a sacrifice to the Lord, which implies a policy of intolerance for false religion:

And if a stranger sojourn with you, or whosoever be among you in your generations, and will offer an offering made by fire, of a sweet savour unto the Lord; as ye do, so he shall do.

One ordinance shall be both for you of the congregation, and also for the stranger that sojourneth with you, an ordinance for ever in your generations: as ye are, so shall the stranger be before the Lord. (Numbers 15:14-15)

The very existence of religious intolerance in the Bible, proves that the Constitution cannot be inspired, since it trumps the idea of religious liberty. The notion that the Founding Fathers were inspired, is proven again incorrect, because they as well upheld the Enlightenment concept of religious toleration.

George Washington, when writing on employing workers for Mount Vernon, wrote that “If they be good workmen, they may be from Asia, Africa, or Europe; they may be Mohammedans [Muslims], Jews, or Christians of any sect, or they may be Atheists.”

By this very logic, a Muslim with the spirit of Jamal Malek Hassan (the Fort Hood shooter), or Keith Ellison (the Muslim who swore over the Koran and not the Bible), or an Atheist communist, like Engels or Marx, or Saul Alinsky, would be permitted to enter the United States, under the watch of Washington. In this regard, the Founders were not “wise men,” as the Book of Mormon affirms.

But the LDS, not surprisingly, are pushing for this dangerous idea of religious equality. Glenn Beck told a crowd to “go to your churches, your synagogues, your mosques,” I wonder where he got this from? It is in agreement with Dallin H. Oaks of the LDS, who said in a more recent speech:

The preservation of religious freedom in our nation depends on the value we attach to the teachings of right and wrong in our churches, synagogues, and mosques. It is faith in God, however defined, that translates these religious teachings into the moral behavior that benefits the nation.

“God, however defined,” is what enables evils. The Muslims redefined God, and look at what crimes they are committing for him. Our liberty does not depend on our tolerance, but our intolerance toward evil.

The belief in religious liberty, established by the Founding Fathers, is what has led to the infiltration of this nation by those of heretical beliefs. Clinton, Obama, Al Gore, all of these people are heretics. America is suffering because of heresy. Islam is a heresy, communism is a heresy, environmentalism is a heresy, the homosexual agenda is a heresy. And yet we still laude ourselves for our tolerance.

We act as though God made the world for America, that American Christianity is the apple of His eye, and that the Christians of the East are irrelevant in comparison to the Evangelicals of the U.S. The truth is that the Eastern Christians, such as those of Russia, Egypt, Syria, and Uganda, are exemplifying the Christian spirit more than anyone else.

The Russians are fighting against the sodomite agenda with full exertion, and while there are many good and holy Evangelicals, the Russian Church, justifiably, is weary of the American Evangelical mega church industry, permeating its country

I cannot blame them. Rick Warren, the pope of the American church, has said that “I have many, many gay friends, and have worked around the world with them in gay organizations to try to stop AIDS”.

This is absolutely unbiblical. Any “gay” organization is, inexorably, for the advancement of the sodomite worldview, and thus any so-called Christian who works with them is an enemy of the Church. The false preacher also affirmed, with much confidence and exuberance, that sodomites, if they accept Christ–and remain being sodomites–are “going to Heaven! Without a doubt.” Here is the video:

This is contrary to what Scripture says:

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. (I Corinthians 6:9, NKJV)

The Egyptians and the Syrians, who are all Orthodox or Catholic, are suffering immense persecution under the Islamic heretics. Why are the Evangelical, or the American Catholic, leaderships, so static in this holy fray against the evils of the Muslims and the Sodomites?

I pray that one day the Church will restore its old and rejected spirit, that of the Siege of Malta, the Conquest of Jerusalem, the Battle of Lepanto, and not this vacillating and devilish manner which it has adopted.

When God spoke of the Church after Christ, He prophesied on the Egyptian and other Orthodox churches, not the modernistic evangelicals today. Isaiah foretold of the Coptic Church in Egypt being persecuted by the Muslims and ultimately saved by Christ:

And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto the LORD because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a savior, and a mighty one, and he shall deliver them. (Isaiah 19:20)

Malachi prophesied on the Orthodox Church when he proclaimed:

For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the Lord of hosts. (Malachi 1:11)

Tell me, which denomination today burns incense in church? The only ones are the Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox, not Evangelicals or Protestants. God did not make prophecies on the American Constitution, and neither is that document inspired. Anyone who makes the Constitution scripture or holy writ, had made an idol of it. I am afraid that there is a cult of the Founding Fathers in America.

For the sake of our souls, let us read Scripture, and revere it; let us adhere to the Church Fathers, and not to the Founding Fathers.

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(1) *St. Bede, History of the English Church, preface; 1.4*


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  • Philip Galindo

    Agree with you on many points particularly regarding divine inspiration of the constitution and founding of America. There is ample proof of the apostasy of the American institutional church. But let’s remember, the church is the people, and for me if you aren’t showing the feathers, you’re probably not a duck. That being said, it is sad that our brethren elsewhere are suffering persecution as we sit idly by. You lost me with the burning incense thing. I think God is far more concerned with what we do outside of the building than in.
    All in all a very intriguing article. i’m so glad to have stumbled onto your site. Then again, perhaps I was led?

    • gawxxx

      once again clueless !, just like lance below you ! for all fall short of the glory of “GOD” , it started in the garden and continues until today ! , man’s pitiful arrogance and ignorance towards all things spiritual !!!!!!!

  • izzyabby

    Beck is a practicing LDS member. They helped him stop drinking and his gratefulness has led to acceptance of a very strained, convoluted version of biblical interpretation, and extra biblical fantasy.

    I disagree that no hand of providence guided our founders in creating the finest form of government in the history of mankind.

    Shamefully, this radiant example to the world has been lazily and stupidly squandered, most likely never to be regained.

    • gawxxx

      at least you have one thing in common with beck ! izzy!!!!!!!!

  • totallydomestic

    Forget what Glenn Beck may have said. Our founding fathers were most certainly
    inspired by God to write the Constitution. Our laws and framework is based on the
    10 Commandments. The first constitutional convention was just a bunch of men
    arguing with each other until Benjamin Franklin called for prayer. God did divinely

    inspire, or guide them to have the thoughts of how to create a good govt.
    The greatest government ever created on earth.

    It was created for a MORAL PEOPLE. We are a nation that has forgotten God.
    All the nations that forget God shall be turned into hell or Blessed is the nation whose
    God is the Lord. Our choice!

    As for who has the incense……incense represents the prayers of the saints.
    Surely there is not enough of them!!! It isn’t that the Catholic Church is so holy
    because they burn incense. because that is only a symbol.

    The church, that is the body of Christ in America, all denominations are guilty
    of turning a blind eye to the persecuted church. No doubt about that. We are to

    remember those that are in bonds as bound with them.
    NOTHING is being done to help those Christians or to stand up to Satan’s march
    of Islam in America. The only ones that I saw with the courage to do so is the
    bikers who went to Washington on 9/11 to confront them. And a few brave souls like
    Pamela Geller, Gert Wilder & converts out of Islam.

    The American Revolution was led by the preachers, Mighty Men of Valor that is what
    the Bible would call them. Mighty men of God. Just like Jonah, the preachers of today are
    awol on this I agree!!!!!!!! We have to do what the men of the boat did, throw them
    out and not expect leadership of them. We must do it ourselves, in God’s power
    through prayer and actions.

    As for homosexuals, the scripture said that they will not go to heaven.
    Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish the Bible says. If they repent of their
    homosexuality they may be saved and go to heaven.

    That is my take. Love your website!

    • totallydomestic

      Proverbs 16:3 Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established.
      That is exactly what happened at the first constitutional convention.
      Do you deny that God can inspire thoughts?????

  • Sam1427

    Ted is right again. The US Constitution, while a very fine balancing of various branches of government, is not God inspired. Men wrote it. Some of them were Christians. They tried to bequeath to those who would come later a form of government which would not be able to turn tyrannical, despite the inherent wickedness of men. A lack of moral courage on the part of our elected representatives together with the corruption of political parties and the media have combined to put our republic in grave danger. The republic as intended does not exist today and I don’t know if it can be revived.

    I always try to keep in mind that Glenn Beck is a Mormon and Rick Warren is a heretic as well. I’m sure those two things would make me unpopular with those men’s followers but it is what it is.

    • gawxxx

      and who are you genius ! “GOD’s” right hand ! , what arrogance from fallen man to think we know anything that “GOD” thinks and who “HE” imbues with “HIS” spirit and the many who do not have a clue !

      • shirleyanne12

        ALL you DO is REFUTE the Bible…
        So then, what is YOUR TAKE on the SITUATION ?????
        What the Creator of the Universe wants us to KNOW is in His Book…

      • Altered_States

        Here you are again; insulting someone.
        Don’t you have anything nice to say about anyone?

        P.S. I noticed you like to call people “fools”. Beware of self-fulfilling prophecy. And, where did you get your Biblical training? Are you self-taught?

  • MB

    Actually, I have believed the same for quite some time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe America is the greatest nation on this planet with respect to freedom, but I do not believe God blesses this nation any more than any other nation, or that the U.S. Constitution was particularly God-inspired. It’s obvious to me that it isn’t. In the Constitution, we have freedom of religion. But, according to the Bible, when God’s kindgom is established,Yahveh will be the king over the entire earth, and His name shall be the only one that is uttered (Zech. 14:9). There will be no so-called “freedom of religion.” All will bow their knee to Jesus Christ, the only-begotten son of God, to the glory of His Father.

    • gawxxx

      clue and less ! mb you were born a fool and you continue in that capacity to this day ! , you know nothing of that book and it’s writings ! just your immature babblings of a non educated fool ! , stick to cook books !

      • shirleyanne12

        Call NO man a FOOL !!!
        Shalom aleichem.

  • H2o2Bill

    I really don’t understand the point of this article, unless you are addressing those who follow Glenn Beck and Rick Warren. I think there are many sound teachers today that should be in this discussion if it’s going to be a honest one. Yes we are seeing the “falling away” and it should cause us all to weep in prayer. I don’t know any sound teachers that would consider the U.S. Constitution inspired by the living God of heaven and therefore this article is a wash. I mean like who is the audience? The believers in the New Testament didn’t try and work through government and neither should we. If you want to change the face of a nation it’s done through the preaching of the gospel. I don’t agree with the Tax Free status that Churches gain today either. Politicians once feared the Preachers but not any more. Churches should pay the tax that is owed and speak out loud and clear on all issues. Name names and point fingers according to what the Bible teaches.

    I don’t agree with your take on Malachi either. You have half of the verse what about the other half? (“and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen”) You need to look at the entire passage and not just one verse. Mal 1:8 describes the wrong kind of offering, (“But when you present the blind for sacrifice, is it not evil?) We see no offering like these in a literal sense in today’s Churches so this verse you have quoted is teaching something else than you describe. This could be talking about the time of Millennial reign of the Lord Jesus Christ. That would be my best offer for this verse today but I say that with reservation because today is the first time I really had a close look at it. But David does offer this up to us, (Psa 141:2 Let my prayer be set before You as incense, The lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice) But again that only covers part of the verse and not the entire verse.

    Adrian Rogers has a great message semi related to this article called “Salty Saints”
    Maybe people should spend more time listening to Adrian than Glenn Beck and the likes of Rick Warren.

    I would hope you would learn to be more careful when putting something like this out there. Some will jump all over something like this to help create a label.

    People should remember Chapter and verses are good for identifying where certain portions of Scripture are located but not always best for quoting Scripture.

    I think this will be my last post concerning issues like this. I really enjoy discussing these sorts of things but it takes my mind off of what is going on. Islam is on the march. The Church needs prayer, if you really believe you are seeing prophesy unfolding before our eyes then it should cause you to pray. We should do our very best to see our country as the living God of heaven sees it, and we are in a sad state of affairs we should be weeping in prayer daily. I shed no tears in this blog and that is a problem in my best opinion.

    Bill Jr

    • gawxxx

      99.9 percent of Christianity knows very little about the bible including you h2o ! , mankind , what fools we are to really think that we have any clue what “GOD” speaks when there are millions of variations of “HIS” word and none are correct ! , a little humility “h2o” is in order for you and mankind !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • H2o2Bill

        You didn’t address my post at all please try again.

  • Lance

    Armstrongism (WCC) still pushes mystic, Anglo-Israelism too.

    • gawxxx

      hey lance ! stick to auto magazines ! because you are clueless when it comes to anything that has to do with the bible !!!!!!!!!!!! , what a fool !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lance

        How to “block” this clown?

      • Altered_States

        Hey, don’t call him a fool. He was just trying learn about the Bible. And he was wise enough to “toss everything in the trash”. So, that’s a good beginning.

    • Altered_States

      I am familiar with “Armstrongism” and all its’ offshoots. Every so often I run across another “Armstrong-wanna-be”, in that, someone from the original World-Wide Church of God (WWCOG) has decided ON THEIR OWN to “take up the Cross”, and follow…their own lusts of the flesh driven by ego.

      All of these people still think that HW Armstrong was the “end-time prophet” spoken of in the Bible – and THE ONLY end-time prophet.

      I sent an email to one of these fellows who leads one of these groups and still follows the teachings of Armstrong and repeats the same fallacies he preached. I told him that Armstrong was a false prophet and that he was guilty of idolatry by worshipping Armstrong and believing in what Armstrong said about his church and about himself.

      If anyone wants to find out just how corrupt Armstrong really was, do a search on Herbert W. Armstrong. Believe me, it will be an eye opener.

      P.S. Lance; how do you know about Armstrong?

      • Lance

        I caught a Key of David show channel surfing one night & responded to an offer for material. Soon I had a pile of Philadelphia Trumpet magazines and a few books. — I recall Britain & United States in prophesy. or similar? I had to ask the pastor if he heard of Armstrong because there was quite a bit of deranged theology in the material. Long story short: Rev. 3:7 made me toss everything in the trash.

        • Altered_States

          Anyone who claims there is a Hebrew/British/Israeli connection to Bible prophecy in the U.S., is probably an offshoot of Herbert W. Armstrong’s WWCOG. So, stay away from all of them.

          Let me guess. They claim to have “the key of David”; Rev. 3:7

  • blackyb

    Walid is right. There is but one Holy Bible, but One Truth. Also those who are converted do not remain in a life of sodomy. They repent, (turn away). They try to live as perfect as they can. They have a conscious about sin. Also I will add the Constitution is based upon Bibical principals above that for which men strive. They included God and prayed to him for guidance. I believe they did the very best they could do when writing this great document. Glen Beck is in a cult and does not know it, but God will have to judge that. Jesus is the last prophet. Jesus was the last sacrifice. Jesus left his Spirit here to live within our hearts and help us avoid sin and give us motivation to live right. That Spirit better be there when the rapture takes place. People will know and sense when the last days are upon us who are saved. People will see visions, not all people but sum. Jesus gave his people discernment and will be able to distinguish between the wolves and the sheep.

    • H2o2Bill

      I stand corrected Theodore, the article seems necessary. Some of the comments say so. I stand by the rest of my post though.

  • blackyb

    I believe Beck is a good man and helped America see this Administration for what it is. I know that he has not given the right consideration to what they call the “birthers” for whatever reason. There is one thing: If a person has not been born again and in the right Spirit of God they will not go to heaven, no matter how good they try to be on this earth. They MUST be born again. I know that when you add or take away from the Bible it is a curse. Know this. No matter how much you may like people who are in cults, they need prayer to get their hearts right wih God or they will go to hell. God said not to change one jot nor title of his Word. Cults seem to favor addendums to God’s word and prophets seem to appear that is not Bibical. There is enough information people need to get saved and stay under the word of God.

  • gawxxx

    walid for the most part I agree with you in your writings but this time you are nothing but a fool! , who knows little about the bible and “nothing about “GOD,” stick to islam and it’s degenerate behavior’ s this you know !

    • Altered_States

      Do you have anything nice to say about anyone?

      P.S. I noticed you like to call people “fools”. Beware of self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Altered_States

    The men who wrote the Constitution were, for the most part “deists” and not necessarily Christians. In fact, in one of the writings of one of the Founding Fathers, he stated emphatically that their strongest wish was to “get away from Rome” meaning, the Roman Catholic Church.

    Most were Masons – a cult that rejects what Jesus did and His divinity. So, to say that this country was founded on Christian principles, is a bit of a stretch.

    “All men are created equal”…except for the Black man, who was 3/5ths of a person. It took a civil war, and over 600,000 deaths to end slavery and that mentality. Then, it took another 100 years to bring an end of “Jim Crow”…at least a legal end, that was only superficial.

    But now, with the advent of the Tea Party, the founders of the Tea Party want to bring back the “plantation mentality”; and they are gaining ground. But, only with the idiot crowd. The Tea Party is particularly strong in the Redneck States, where “Niggers” are still a “problem”. No offence meant. But you get my point.

    • joelferguson

      Please elaborate? Plantation mentality?

      • Altered_States

        Please read my “Reply” to H2o2Bill for my “plantation mentality” elaboration.

    • H2o2Bill

      You need to dig deeper before you try to teach such things, I really have not the time for this therefore this is a rush job. You can read direct quotes from founding fathers to understand what they believed. The Masons were set up as a trap to gather up Christians. George Washington refused to be painted in his Mason garb. The picture you see of him was painted after his death. Some might have been Masons and even held the higher levels yet Masons also give the higher levels out to people in high positions and the ones in those positions understand little of the inner workings of the Masons. In my best opinion you are spewing forth propaganda that has been fed to you.

      The U.S. has had a strong Christian influence in its beginnings and some amazing revivals since then. That does not me the U.S. has been a perfect nation made up of only Christians.

      Then you want to say all that stuff about the Tea Party I feel no need to try and change your mind, people visiting this site for the right reasons will see right through that. The Republicans lead the in the Civil Rights movements and the 3/5ths of a person was done to keep the South from gaining control of government in the elections following the civil war. In had nothing to do with White people thinking black people were less of a person. Try to keep it real and be honest.

      I live in a so called Red Neck State. Some of the best preaching I have ever heard in my life was from black preachers. One man set the tone for an entire missions conference with preaching about the need to spread the gospel as he sat down on the steps and just talked with us. There was not a dry eye in the place the rest of the week. Another of a man preaching his wife’s funeral simply an amazing message from a strong man of God.

      And do you know one of the most famous or popular videos on the web today is taken from a black man “My King” by S M Lockridge it just might be the most famous. I heard it at a Church I went to for some kind of special services that a person at work took part in. I went to be supportive. I seen this man talk about his King like no one I ever heard before. I had to know more about him so I went looking; I now have the entire message the famous videos are taken from on my hard drive. I give them away on a regular basis.

      I think you are either unlearned in what you say or you came here to spread propaganda. Either way I don’t agree with your post not even close. the problem with the Tea Party is it has been infiltrated by the Republicans.

      I’m not a Republican and I’m not a Democrat I’m a Christian saying judgment is coming to the U.S. The Church will become a loud voice for the Lord Jesus Christ once again sooner or later but it’s coming. Persecution is good for the Church and we have had to little of it here in the States and squandered our freedom.

      To everyone, Freedom is not letting some crazy woman get on the TV and saying it’s OK to kill babies up to three years old. If you think that is freedom I’m all for censorship because you have lost your mind. “Freedom is being able to worship the Lord Jesus Christ openly” This is why the living God of heaven grants freedom so people can worship Him.

      • Altered_States

        Well, my friend, I know about everything you are saying. But, the Republican party of the 1850’s & 60’s is not the Republican party of the 2000’s. It isn’t even the R.P. of the 1960’s.

        I too, have no use for politics. Politics in any form is of the Devil. It operates on demonic principles and is ungodly to the core.

        If the U.S. were a Christian country founded on Christian principles, then why has the U.S. been at war for most of its’ existence? The last two big wars the U.S. started (Iraq and Afghanistan) were aimed at the wrong people. Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks. They were stared by lies and caused the deaths of millions of people – mostly civilians and many children. Does that sound like what a Christian, or Christ like nation would do?
        Oh, BTW, George W. Bush and Colin Powell both claim to be Christians.

        You say that we had a strong Christian influence in the beginning. If by “influence” you mean “in name only”? If so, I will agree with you. But, that’s where our agreement will stop. We are not, and never have been a Christian nation. A hypocritical Christian nation, yes; but no more so.

        I made a video of one of the first Tea Party rallies that occurred in April 2009 in Henderson, Nevada. An “unknown”, at the time, was standing right next to the speaker’s podium, but he never spoke. His name was Herman Cain. I didn’t recognize him then but, several years later, when I watched it again, I was mildly shocked to see him standing there. The “party” was so new, I’m not sure if they were organized as the Tea Party. But, they sure acted and spoke like the Tea Party.
        The speaker was saying: “We want our country back”. Obama wasn’t even in office more than three months when they were complaining about how Obama was ruining the country.

        Surely, Obama has been a disappointment; and is a pathological liar. But, that’s “Showbiz”. Show me a politician who isn’t a liar – especially the bunch we have in office now. Gees! Where do they find these guys?

        The only thing that keeps me sane is the fact that I know that the White House and both houses of Congress are controlled by the “Wall Street” crowd. In other words, controlled by the richest .01%. Everything else is, as I said, “Showbiz”. And you have to treat it like that, otherwise, what they do will drive you crazy. Plus I know there will be a Judgement after all is said and done. So, I just let them talk, talk, talk. It means nothing to me. They are all hypocrites.

        Regarding your opinion of what I think freedom is, and about “some crazy woman” on TV. I know what freedom is, and there is freedom on TV talk shows – freedom to lie, if you wish. But, “the living God of heaven grants freedom” to anyone with a voice. Some are on TV, and some are not. Even so, we are free to even blaspheme – if we choose. God will let you know first, then, allows you to decide.

        As far as allowing someone to say it is OK to kill babies on TV, don’t forget the U.S. is involved in about eighty (80) wars around the world at this time – in one form or another. And, killing babies is considered “collateral” – “an unfortunate accident”. “Accident”? When someone at a computer terminal halfway around the world fires a Hellfire missile from a Drone trying to kill one “terrorist”, there is bound to be “collateral damage”; and many children die, as they do in all wars. So, when you see John (every war is a good war) McCain advocating for another war, he isn’t thinking about children dying. He is thinking, “my stock in Lockheed Martin will go up if we have another war”.

        So, does what I just said clarify my world view?

        • H2o2Bill

          Seems to me like you have backtracked to cover your tracks. If you know history why did you try and fool us with the 3/5ths of a person statement? You still have not made any real connection between the Tea Party and racism. John McCain is one of the good old boys that runs the GOP. Hermain Cain only made of run of things because people are desperate and think they can fix our problems with a vote. People think if we can just get the right guy in office things will go back to the good old days. The problem with our country is the people the politicians are a reflection of the people.

          You are also living in the past, way to many political things seem to involve Islam any way you look at them these days including this John McCain fella. Islam is in the White-House I strongly suspect this is why Michele Bachmann is being run out of town and being singled out by the GOP

          I stand by my statements on Freedom. People that talk about this new form of abortion called Post Birth Abortion should be ran out of town never to granted the right to spew forth their venom to millions of people and young minds. You need to rethink some things. You cant protect a society and grant freedom to madmen and in the case I sited madwomen. Letting organizations like NAMBLA go unchecked in the name of Freedom is not freedom at all it’s madness it’s depravity. Anyone that thinks these kinds of things are Freedom are enslaved themselves. Their minds have been enslaved into thinking Freedom equals the right to encourage and spread depravity. That is slavery of the mind and body.

          Our Country will fail with that kind of mentality it was never set up for these kinds of things. Our Country is set up for a moral people not a spiritually depraved society.

          People say you cant legislate morals yet, that is exactly what the law does. The real question is who’s morals will become law. Moral people equal moral laws.

          People forget what Christians were like in the good old days. When people went to Church and people prayed. When Christians were not so hooked on Hollywood & Sports. We have so many idols the people of Egypt past would be jealous.

          You mentioned Obama’s first three months in office. The first thing Obama did was to seal his records. He then went on to surround himself with hardcore abortionist. It’s a good thing somebody was sounding the alarm even if they missed the big picture.

          America, the real problem is not in the White-House the real problem is us the people. Revival starts in the spiritual realm not the political realm. Revival starts in the Church, us Christians are the ones that need a wake up call. When abortion was made legal Christians should have said to themselves we are in big trouble. We should have taken up street preaching once again as we are commanded to in the Bible, Luke 14. Nothing wrong with holding up signs either “Abortion brings judgment” “Evolution will bring a curse upon us” Remember Jonah?

          Like I said I suspect I’m being sidetracked by these kinds of discussions yet it’s really hard to look away when you see some of the things here.

          We talk of things like this as Islam marches on in taking over our Country.

          Isa 34:1 Draw near, O nations, to hear; and listen, O peoples! Let the earth and all it contains hear, and the world and all that springs from it.

          Bill Jr

          • Altered_States

            I don’t know where you are getting your ideas from. I’m not backtracking to cover my tracks. I don’t have any tracks to cover.

            You, on the other hand are making things up and saying things that I did not say. I didn’t try to “fool” anyone with the 3/5ths personhood. I just made a statement that that was their opinion of Negroes.

            And, why do you think that I’m trying to make a connection between the Tea Party and racism. I just mentioned that Herman Cain was present at the first Tea Party rally. Why do you insist on trying to put words into my mouth that I never said nor, implied. You, my friend, have a thinking disorder. And that is precisely why I stay away from people who call themselves Christians. Discussions like this always turn into an ego match of self-will – a game of one-ups-man-ship.

            But, let me tell you one thing that is coming to this country. This country is going down and will turn into a “banana republic” very soon. Why? The answer is simple. It won’t be the Muslims, or the gays, or the abortionists, or the “terrorists”, or the Democrats and Republicans. No, it won’t any of these entities, or any other entity I might have left out.

            What is going to bring this country down is the richest .01% who work on Wall Street. If there is anyone to fear, it is the Wall Street crowd. They are a bunch of cold-blooded, monsters who will stop at nothing to get what they want. And what do they want? They want EVERYTHING! And what they don’t need (a social safety net) they will destroy. They won’t be satisfied until they eliminate, S.S., Medicare/Medicaid, unemployment insurance, and any other social safety net that separates us from the streets of Calcutta; where the “meat wagon” goes around every morning to pick up the people who died the night before.

            Yes, the richest .01% are the ones we all should fear. And, I mean to really fear, because they are the true monsters of our age that don’t care if the other .99% die at their feet. The only nuisance we will be after we are dead is, they might have to stop over us to be on their way.

            And, there is an ever richer group who are even more vicious. They are the the smaller fraction of the .01% who are the super rich. I call them the .005% 500 million dead people means absolutely nothing to them. Even a billion dead people means nothing. And, their day will come if they feel that they are in danger of losing their TRILLIONS of dollars. That day is, so to speak, “right around the corner”. And, there is nothing you or I can do to stop it.

            So, you can take all your “terrorists”, your racism, gays and abortionists, and call them what you will. They are not to be feared. But, the super rich are the ones you SHOULD FEAR!!

          • H2o2Bill

            I was not trying to get into a ego match. You talked of the 3/5ths of a person, acting like some thought blacks were less of a person; when in fact it was done to prevent the South from gaining control after the Civil War. Then I pointed it out to you and you started siting history as if you knew it. You also talked about the Tea Party having the “plantation mentality”. That sure sounds like a back door way of linking the Tea Party to racism. Just my opinion.

            By the way I have no fear concerns yes but no fear. I’m for one looking forward to Obama care I have tried to warn people they need to find out for themselves.

            Peaceful Islam is much more dangerous than the terrorist. The so called peaceful Muslims run cover for the terrorist anyways. And let me state right here I pray for Muslims daily. Let me add right here it’s most difficult to pray for people when I have tears already in my eyes from praying for a little girl that had her mouth and one eye sowed shut for saying “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior”. But the living God of heaven tells me to do it, so I do it.

            Some here need to spend more time listening to Walid teach Bible prophecy and less time with Alex Jones. More time studying the Bible and less time with the Conspiracy videos. Yes there is some truth in them videos but your not going to be able to get a real handle on what is going on until you here what the Bible has to say about the times we are living in.

            “Communism married Islam and out of that marriage a devil was born” Michael Savage.

            I brought out enough here, the job got done. The only thing that might be missing is much stronger language.

            People who call themselves Christians and are not bothered by abortion to the point of tears need a wake up call. It should rip our hearts out. Not to mention Planned Parenthood is part of the modern day Eugenics program that was founded by a hard core racist. Yet who works hand in hand with PP? The Obama administration. Not the Tea Party.

            I’m here to help Welfare is a type of slavery talk about the “Plantation Mentality” there it is in the Democratic Party.

            It is true if the average black person new the truth
            concerning the Democratic party they would never vote Democrat again. Aside from the welfare drug addicted crowd that is a mix of many races. The black people of America have been targeted by the Eugenics of today, Planned Parenthood. The founder of P.P. was a hard core racist yet is spoken highly of in Democratic circles of today. Obama has surrounded himself with hard core abortion believing people.

            And by the way welfare is a form of slavery. “Affirmative Action” is a form of discrimination. You tell people they can’t get the job because they are the wrong race or gender; and or what ever form of discrimination one can dream up.

            We have two politic parties that have caused up so many problems yet I come here and someone brings up the Tea Party. The alarm went off the lights are flashing not going to happen with out me running my big mouth loud and clear.

            WallStreet, I know about the so called Free Market but there are much bigger things a brewing.

            1Jn 2:22 Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son.

          • Altered_States

            I just left a note about the “plantation mentality” and the “3/5ths of a person” issue. I included two links to help explain. But, Shoebat has a habit of deleting Comments with Links attached. If he does that again, I will re-post my Comments minus the Links. I saved my Comments to a Word document. So, if he deletes it again, I will copy and paste it into this site. I’ll leave the web address “Name Only” without the I.P. signature.

            I hope he gets the B***s to leave my Link.

  • concerned american

    Articles like this one are important. Prior to reading Therodore’s articles I was a subscriber to GBTV. I wanted to know what Glenn had to say about those who were calling the shots in our nation. Glenn exposed the communists and those connected to the web of lies. BUT, I also knew in the back of my mind that I VERY much disagreed with his biblical theology. After reading Theodore’s articles I had to make a decision. Do I support GBTV for the sake of America or do I choose to support Christ and the truth of the bible? I can no longer, in good conscience, give financial support to GBTV no matter what amount of good for the secular is accomplished. I can no longer justify jeopardizing the souls of the unsuspecting that will hear the heresy of universalism.

    Thank you Theodore for having the courage to speak the truth.

  • Altered_States

    Hey Walid, why did you delete my “Comment”?

    • H2o2Bill

      I doubt they deleted your comment I have had some technical issues too in the past.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    I have to agree with points made by Walid

    “When God spoke of the Church after Christ, He prophesied on the Egyptian and other
    Orthodox churches, not the modernistic evangelicals today. Isaiah foretold of
    the Coptic Church in Egypt being persecuted by the Muslims and ultimately saved
    by Christ”

    “For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the Lord of
    hosts”. (Malachi 1:11)

    This verse for Malachi is indicative of the “continuing 24/7 worship of the most high God”. It allows no inclusion of the Post Modern Evangelicals who not only do not burn
    incense but actually disdain and ridicule such practices of incense burning an
    item that is recognized as part of the Orthodox worship of God.

    Another trait of the Modern church is the rejection of the Creation account and many other parts of the books of Moses that were given by God to Moses to write down. Scripture actually comments on the likes of Rick Warren and many others depart from scripture and mock scriptural inerrancy.

    Jesus Christ himself has actually “indicted” today’s self professed Liberal Christians
    when he said “if you cannot believe what Moses wrote then how can you believe
    my words”? John 5:45-47 (Christ is talking about the Moses – who told Moses what to write?)

    The Rick Warren types who do not burn incense, nor believe the words of Moses are what? Embracing practitioners of Homosexuality? Even claiming the Homosexual relationships are blessed by God? Yes they are doing that but they do not stop there. They are also seeking to appease and even unite with Islam and find commonalities between their Christian apostasy and Islam’s worship of the God who hates women. Allah a false and lying God whom Moslems revere as “The Deceiver” who the Judeo/Christian Bible and even Islam’s own Koran unmistakably describe Allah as having the attribute not of God but of being Satan.
    As for the Constitution not being based on Christianity one has to consider that;

    The most influential movers and shakers to the input of the Constitutions authorship
    were Masons. Ie: Washington and Franklin. British Israelism grew in lockstep with the growth of the British Empire from the 16th century onward. The Religion of Mormonism
    was created in the 1830‘s and its worship ceremonies are simply the Churchified
    rituals of Masonry with convenient evangelical overtones tossed in for good
    measure. This affinity of Masonry with Mormonism is what creates the comfort for persons such a Glen Beck who call the Constitution a Christian document. Others
    who make that claim are inclined to listen to the Likes of Rick Warren who says
    “Just believe”.

    to the Constitution only Masonry welcomed all faiths. In the first commandment God says – You shall have no other gods before me.

    Christianity and Judaism known as the Judeo-Christian ethic cannot support creating a
    document where every religion is O.K. because doing so is contrary to Christian
    doctrine – the Constitutional provisions for religious belief were written first
    as a document acceptable to all Masons – Christians of the day happened to agree.

    At an accelerating rate Christians are starting to realize that the Constitutions accommodation of Radical Islam is certainly not Christian and the Constitutions provisions have over the years been used against Christians but not against other religions.

    How could you do this with a “Christian Document”?

    Glen Beck for the present is a well intentioned man. He sees radical Islam as the

    However the Mormon Leadership and also the Mennonite Central Committee leading the World council of Churches are naively pursuing a relationship with Islam even with the Iranian Twelvers. All agree with the Mennonite Unitarians that there is;
    One God
    No trinity
    No virgin birth
    Jesus was just a great teacher.

    No different than Masonry

    To say that the Constitution is a Christian document is to redefine Christianity as
    having dispensed with Christian doctrine – maybe that is why some are so comfortable
    Calling the Constitution Christian especially Masons and Mormons.


    • H2o2Bill

      I can here what you are saying, but there is no animal sacrifice going on in the Orthodox Churches so again you have only covered half of the verse. this article is written by Walid’s son Theodore who I enjoy reading from but have we not learned from Walid himself that you must cover the entire verse and not just part of it? If you are going to claim the verse is written in symbolic language then the modern Churches are included within the verse and the Bible certainly teaches such symbolism. Some verses to be considered in this discussion, (Mal_1:8)(Joh_4:21, Joh_4:23; 1Ti_2:8). (Psa_141:2; Rev_8:3). (Psa_51:17; Heb_13:10, Heb_13:15, Heb_13:16; 1Pe_2:5, 1Pe_2:12).

      Yet to yoke believers with the likes of Rick Warren is just wrong. Your trying to put us all in the same boat in order to make things fit for this interpretation. There are so many people that point out the faults of Rick Warren and are keeping a close on him and others like him. As a matter of fact it is real easy to have a ministry that points out all the false teachers or some of them so many new ones to try and keep up with. I grow tired of it all I know who they are and can spot them a mile away. Maybe others can’t so maybe there is a real need for these kind of websites or ministries.

      Yes many Churches today have their own problems yet doctrine is not always one of them. We are seeing the “falling away” right before our eyes.

      As far as the Masons go it seems to be an easy way to dismiss people is to call them Masons. I here George Washington refused to be painted in his Mason garb the one picture of him in his Mason garb was made after his death. I forget who was the first Christians to come out of the Masons and begin to expose them but they did and there is a list of them. This Mason stuff is getting old I know all about it and have watched probably over 100 hours of videos and done to much reading. You can read from the founders of this country to see what they believe for yourself. This country has seen great revivals and I’m praying for another I’m praying for the Church. Until you understand what the Bible has to say about these last days then your not going to make heads or tails of all the other junk that is out there today.

      Why is it so much I have been reading is like the videos on youtube? I latched onto Walid’s teaching because they are Biblical. It has caused me to pray like never before. I don’t understand why so many here take this as a head message only like the prophesy buffs Walid talks about in his own sermons.

      I also know of that Mormonism is the same as free Masonry and Masonry is Gnostic at it’s core. As matter of fact it sure seems to me if you follow any kind of false teaching to it’s roots you end up with a Gnostic message. Back to the garden.

      I know of no serious Bible teacher I respect that would ever make the claim that the Constitution is inspired by the living God of heaven. As matter of fact I have listened to Alstair Begg & Adrian Rogers both recently that preach against Christians getting overly involved in government. “Salty Saints” & “City of Idols”.

      I’m also going to write Bott Radio Network in an attempt to get them to give Walid a slot on there airwaves. Why not Christians? Maybe if enough of us write them they will give it a try. I’m finding more and more ways to share what I have learned from Walid. I’m starting to believe by the time we are gathered together to meet the Lord in the air we are going to be of one mind. I believe this is already beginning to happen. I’m not talking about some kind of New Age collective either. I can spot that garbage a mile away. The Muslim “Wake Up Project” taught me of the close relation in Islam and the New Age teachings.

      I used to belong to Christian Mingle and ran into replacement theology. Many of us preached against it. The Modern Day Church is a lot like Israel we have had good times and the living God of heaven has blessed us much and we have grown cold and followed after all sorts of things we should not. We will be dealt with and we will get back in line and no, not all of the so called Christians. The state of Texas once sent out more missionaries than the rest of the world combined. I seriously doubt they all have gone the way of Rick Warren and look to Glenn Beck to teach them the Bible.

      If any of you really believe we are seeing the falling away as described in the Bible by the apostle Paul then may I ask how many tears have you shed in prayer over this?

      Psa 126:5 Those who sow in tears Shall reap in joy.

      Bill Jr

  • H2o2Bill

    By the way Ted, you have caused me to study one verse for a number of days now:).

    More thoughts on Malachi 1:11 – For from the rising of the sun, even to its going down)) This would include the West since the sun sets in the west. You also need to show us where in the New Testament we are commanded to burn incense? We are instructed to pray and to pray without ceasing. The early Church Fathers say nothing of this burning of incense either that I can find so far. They do mention the Lord ‘s supper and prayers. I will quote from Albert Barnes at the end of this as he quotes some of the Church Fathers on this verse in question.

    Also, are we talking about the RCC that has put it’s approval of every known religion known to man? No way is God through Malachi putting His approval on such a place. History is a nice subject but let’s not try and defend something we should not. Maybe we would all benefit from listening to a Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries. He also talks of a Islamic antichrist. I would post a link but I suspect that is why some of my post are not showing. He also has a firm grasp on the Hebrew & Greek languages. With a Jewish/Catholic background.

    First, I will say this about our Founding Fathers, I also grow weary of all this talk about these men but probably for different reasons. They are long gone and the men that stood with them to win independence from British Tyranny. They would have never stood for the things we see in our world today. Freedom equals the right to kill your unborn baby? No way, I think they would say as I have tried to point out here that kind of thinking is in error and people that think that way have lost their minds.

    Let us not forget that the U.S. government once printed Bibles for Public Schools and the Military. Let us not forget men like George Muller and Noah Webster who also had great influence upon the nations they lived in. Our Constitution has not let us down we ourselves need to look no further than the mirror as to what the real problem is. Spiritual apostasy is the problem a lack of dedication to the living God of heaven. The Church has become way to much like the world.

    I would agree many are looking to the Constitution as the fix for our problems. To many think if we can just get the right president elected things will be OK. I was amazed at the number of Christians that went out and voted for Romney. If we were being tested we certainly failed. And no I’m not a Ron Paul fan either, some of the things he has stated about the Middle East had me most concerned. It does seem as of recently though he might be waking up; not really sure, I just remember him saying something in a different direction for once. Until the Church boycotts Hollywood and stops bowing down to idols like sports we are headed in the wrong direction. Burn piles are needed.

    Bill Jr.

    Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible Albert Barnes (1798-1870)
    Malachi 1:11
    For – The form of words does not express whether this declaration relates to the present or the future. It is a vivid present, such as is often used to describe the future. But the things spoken of show it to be future. The Jewish sacrifices had defects, partly incidental, partly inherent. Incidental were those, with which the prophet had upbraided them; inherent (apart from their mere typical character) that they never could be the religion of the world, since they were locally fixed at Jerusalem. Malachi tells them of a new sacrifice, which should be offered throughout the then pagan world, grounded on His new revelation of Himself to them. “For great shall be My Name among the pagan.” The prophet anticipates an objection which the Jews might make to him. Jos_7:9, “what then will God do unto His great Name?” Those by which He would replace them, would be more worthy of God in two ways:
    1) in themselves,
    2) in their universality.
    “Then,” whatsoever the pagan worshiped, even if some worshiped an “unknown God,” His “Name” was not known to them, nor “great among them.” Those who knew of Him, knew of Him, not as the Lord of heaven and earth, but as the God of the Jews only; their “offerings” were not “pure,” but manifoldly defiled. A Hebrew prophet could not be an apologist for pagan idolatry amidst its abominations, or set it on a level with the worship which God had, for the time, appointed; much less could he set it forth as the true acceptable service of God. Malachi himself speaks of it, as an aggravation of cruelty in their divorcing of their wives, that they Mal_2:11 “married the daughter of a strange god.”
    The worship of those Jews, who remained, out of secular interests, in foreign countries, could not be represented as “the pure offering;” for they made no offerings: then as now, these being forbidden out of Jerusalem; nor would the worship of such Jews, as were scattered in the large empire of Persia, be contrasted with that at Jerusalem, as “the” pure worship; else why should the Jews have returned? It would have been an abolition of the law before its time. Malachi prophesies then, as had Micah, Isaiah, Zephaniah Zep_2:11, of a new revelation of God, when, and in which, people should “worship Him, every one from his place, even all the isles of the pagan.”
    Our Lord Himself explains and expands it in His words to the Samaritan woman; Joh_4:21, Joh_4:23-24, “Woman, believe Me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. The hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father seeketh such to worship Him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth,” and declared the rejection of the Jews, sealing their own sentence against themselves Mat_21:41, Mat_21:43, “I say unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof;” and before Mat_8:11-12, “Many shall come from the East and West, and shall sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven, and the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness.”
    “Incense shall be offered unto My name,” literally I think, “there shall be incense, oblation made unto My name” (this is a mere question of construction) , “and a pure oblation.”
    This sacrifice, which should be offered, is designated by the special name of “meal-offering.” (Lev_2:7 (Lev_2:14 in English) and the verses following.) God would not accept it from the Jews; He would, from the Pagan. It was a special sacrifice, offered by itself as an unbloody sacrifice, or together with the bloody sacrifice. (Lev_6:17 (Lev_6:10 in Hebrew)), “It is most holy, as the sin-offering and as the trespass-offering.” In the daily sacrifice it was offered morning and evening, with the lamb. Since this was typical of the precious blood-shedding of the “Lamb without spot” upon the cross, so was the meal-offering which accompanied it, of the holy eucharist.
    The early Christians saw the force of the prediction, that sacrifice was contrasted with sacrifice, the bloody sacrifices which were ended by the “One full perfect and sufficient sacrifice oblation and satisfaction” made by our Lord “on the altar of the cross for the sins of the whole world,” and those sacrifices which He commanded to be made on our altars, as a memorial of Him. So Justin, who was converted probably 133 a.d., within 30 years from the death of John, says “God has, therefore, beforehand declared, that all who through this name offer those sacrifices, which Jesus, who is the Christ, commanded to be offered, that is to say, in the eucharist of the bread and of the cup, which are offered in every part of the world by us Christians, are well-pleasing to Him. But those sacrifices, which are offered by you and through those priests of yours, He wholly rejects, saying, “And I will not accept your offerings at your hands. For from the rising of the sun even to the going down of the same, My Name is glorified among the Gentiles; but ye profane it.”
    He points out further the failure of the Jewish explanation as to “their” sacrifices, in that the Church was everywhere, not so the Jews. “You and your teachers deceive yourselves, when you interpret this passage of Scripture of those of your nation who were in the dispersion and say that it speaks of their prayers and sacrifices made in every place, as pure and well-pleasing, and know that you speak falsely, and endeavor in every way to impose upon yourselves; first, because your people are not found, even now, from the rising to the setting of the sun, but there are nations, in which none of your race have ever dwelt: while there is not one nation of people, whether Barbarians, or Greeks, or by whatsoever name distinguished, whether of those (nomads) who live in wagons, or of those who have no houses, or those pastoral people that dwell in tents, among whom prayers and thanksgivings are not offered to the Father and Creator of all things, through the name of the crucified Jesus. And you know that at the time when the prophet Malachi said this, the dispersion of you through the whole world, in which you now are, had not yet taken place; as is also shown by Scripture.”
    Irenaeus in the same century “He took that which is part of the creation, namely, bread, and gave thanks, saying, ‘This is My body.’ And the cup likewise, which is of the creation which pertains unto us, He professed to be His own blood, and taught people the new oblation of the New Testament; which the Church receiving from the apostles offers unto God in the world: unto Him who giveth us nourishment, the firstfruits of His own gifts, in the New Testament; of which in the twelve prophets Malachi gave beforehand this intimation (quoting Mal_1:10-11); most evidently intimating hereby, that while the former people should cease to make offerings to God, in every place sacrifice should be offered unto Him, and that in pureness; His Name also is glorified among the Gentiles. Now what other name is there, which is glorified among the Gentiles, than that which belongs to our Lord, by whom the Father is glorified, and man is glorified?
    And because man belongs to His Own Son, and is made by Him, He calls him His Own. And as if some King were himself to paint an image of his own son, he justly calls it his own image, on both accounts, first that it is his son’s, next, that he himself made it: so also the Name of Jesus Christ, which is glorified in the Church throughout the whole world, the Father professes to be His own, both because it is His Son’s, and because He Himself wrote and gave it for the salvation of men. Because, therefore, the Name of the Son properly belongs to the Father, and in God Almighty through Jesus Christ the Church makes her offering, well saith He on both accounts, ‘And in every place incense is offered unto My Name, and a pure sacrifice.’ And incense, John in the Apocalypse declares to be the prayers of the saints. Therefore, the offering of the Church, which the Lord hath taught to be offered in the whole world, is accounted with God as a pure sacrifice, and accepted of Him.”
    Tertullian contrasts the “sacerdotal law through Moses, in Leviticus, prescribing to the people of Israel, that sacrifices should in no other place be offered to God than in the land of promise, which the Lord God was about to give to the people Israel and to their brethren, in order that on Israel’s introduction thither, there should be there celebrated sacrifices and holocausts, as well for sins as for souls, and nowhere else but in the holy land Lev_17:1-6; Deu_12:5-14, Deu_12:26-27, and this subsequent prediction of the Spirit through the prophets, that in every place and in every land there should be offered sacrifices to God. As He says through the angel Malachi, one of the twelve prophets (citing the place).”
    Hippolytus, a disciple of Irenaeus, 220 a.d. martyr, in a commentary on Daniel, says that “when Anti-Christ cometh, the sacrifice and libation will be taken away, which is now in every place offered by the Gentiles to God.” The terms “Sacrifice offered in every place” are terms of Malachi.
    So Cyprian, in his Testimonies against the Jews, sums up the teaching of the passage under this head , “That the old sacrifice was to be made void, and a new sacrifice instituted.”
    In the “apostolic Constitutions,” the prophecy is quoted as “said by God of His ecumenical Church.”
    Eusebius says , “The truth bears witness to the prophetic word, whereby God, rejecting the Mosaic sacrifices, foretells that which shall be among us. ‘For from the rising of the sun’ etc. We sacrifice then to the supreme God the sacrifice of praise; we sacrifice the divine, reverend and holy oblation: we sacrifice, in a new way according to the New Testament, the pure sacrifice. The broken heart is also called a sacrifice to God – We sacrifice also the memory of that great Sacrifice, performing it according to the mysteries which have been transmitted by Him.”
    Cyril of Jerusalem speaks of it only as prophesying the rejection of the Jews and the adoption of the Gentiles.
    In the liturgy of Mark , it is naturally quoted, only, as fulfilled “in the reasonable and unbloody sacrifice, which all nations offer to Thee, O Lord, from the rising of the sun to the setting thereof,” not in reference to the cessation of Jewish sacrifices.
    Chrysostom dwells on its special force, coming from so late a prophet. “Hear Malachi, who came after the other prophets. For I adduce, for the time, no testimony either of Isaiah or Jeremiah or any other before the captivity, lest thou shouldest say that the terrible things which he foretold were exhausted in the captivity. But I adduce a prophet, after the return from Babylon and the restoration of your city, prophesying clearly about you. For when they had returned, and recovered their city, and rebuilt the temple and performed the sacrifices, foretelling this present desolation then future, and the taking away of the sacrifice, Malachi thus speaks in the Person of God (Mal_1:10 (end) and Mal_1:12 (beginning)). When, oh Jew, happened all this? When was incense offered to God in every place? when a pure sacrifice? Thou couldest not name any other time, than this, after the coming of Christ. If the prophet foretelleth not this time and our sacrifice, but the Jewish, the prophecy will be against the law.
    For if, when Moses commandeth that sacrifice should be offered in no other place than the Lord God should choose, and shutteth up those sacrifices in one place, the prophet says that incense should be offered in every place and a pure sacrifice, he opposeth and contradicteth Moses. But there is no strife nor contention. For Moses speaketh of one sacrifice, and Malachi of another. Where doth this appear? (From the place, not Judaea only; from the mode, that it should be pure; from the offerers, not Israel, but the nations), from East to West, showing that whatever of earth the sun surveys, the preaching will embrace. He calls the former sacrifice impure, not in its own nature but in the mind of the offerers; if one compares the sacrifice itself, there is such a boundless distance, that this (that offered by Christians) might in comparison be called ‘pure. ‘“
    Even the cold, but clear, Theodoret has “Foretelling to the Jews the cessation of the legal priesthood, he announces the pure and unbloody sacrifice of the Gentiles. And first he says to the Jews, ‘I have no pleasure in you, saith the Lord of hosts, and I will not accept a sacrifice at your hands.’ Then he foreshows the piety of the Gentiles, ‘For from the rising of the sun’ etc. Mal_1:11, you then I will wholly reject, for I detest altogether what you do. Wherefore also I reject the sacrifice offered by you; but instead of you, I have the whole world to worship Me. For the dwellers in the whole earth, which the rising and setting sun illumines, will everywhere both offer to Me incense, and will sacrifice to Me the pure sacrifice, which I love. For they shall know My name and My will, and shall offer to Me reverence due. So the Lord said to the Samaritan woman, ‘Woman, believe Me, that the hour cometh and now is, when neither in this mountain, nor in Jerusalem shall ye worship the Father.’ The blessed Paul, being instructed in this, says 1Ti_2:8, ‘I will that men pray everywhere’ etc., and the divine Malachi clearly taught us in this place the worship now used, for the circumscribed worship of the priests is brought to an end, and every place is accounted fit for the worship of God, and the sacrifice of irrational victims is ended, and He, our spotless Lamb, Who taketh away the sin of the world, is sacrificed.”
    Lastly, Augustine , “Malachi, prophesying of the Church which we see propagated through Christ, says most plainly to the Jews in the person of God, ‘I have no pleasure in you, and will not receive an offering at your hands. For from the rising of the sun’ etc. Since we see this sacrifice through the priesthood of Christ after the order of Melchizedek, now offered to God in every place from the rising of the sun to its setting; but the sacrifice of the Jews, of which it is said, ‘I have no pleasure in you, neither will I accept an offering from your hands,’ they cannot deny to have ceased; why do they yet expect another Christ, since what they read as prophesied and see fulfilled, could not be fulfilled, except through Him?”
    Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible Albert Barnes (1798-1870)

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