Michael Savage interviews Walid about Benghazi Email

National radio talk show host Michael Savage interviewed Walid about our latest explosive report at Shoebat.com. In essence, the ‘smoking gun’ email from White House Deputy Ben Rhodes may demonstrate a concerted effort by the Obama administration to point to a video as being responsible for the Benghazi attack but an additionally shocking revelation is that one of the recipients of Rhodes’ email was once the president of a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Here is the audio podcast of the May 6th broadcast.


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  • CaptainCurmudgeon

    Great interview Wahlid. We’ve been infected by the a Muslim Brotherhood and the email that was finally released because of Jusdicial Watch’s suing this WH proves Obama reports to the Muslim Brotherhood…when they are receiving stratedgy emails from the highest officials in our White House…incredibly disturbing

  • Rex

    Amazing interview, we all know why it’s being kept quiet.

  • Soxtory

    We all remember Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma, whose mother was very high in the MB, was working with Hillary, without proper security clearance.

    The MB also reportedly showed up at Benghazi after the attack looking to pick up the ambassador.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Brother walid love you bro to me your like the nevim=prophets of old warning the people G-d bless you

  • Winston

    I caught part of your interview and always enjoy the conversation between you and Michael Savage. I wish you were a guest on the show more often. I respect what you offer those of us who understand what the endgame is that involves the middle east conflicts that have been raging since Abraham. I emphatically disagree with you though on the holiness and righteousness of the Vatican and its military, the Jesuits. We can just agree to disagree on that point.