ISIS Invading More Christian Villages In Iraq And Selling The Women As Sex Slaves In The Marketplace

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

They called this the Second Wave of displacement of Christians by ISIS. The outcry is loud from the suffering Christians who are weeping and the heart wrenching testimonies are aimed at the United States to send help.

In an all out offensive, Isis advanced into the Kurdish region in which residents of Qaraqosh, Iraq’s biggest Christian town, the Christians were given the same ultimatum as in Mosul; leave, convert to Islam or face death. In addition, the Iraqi Red Crescent confirmed that ISIS created a market for women slaves (Sabaya) to be displayed for sale in the marketplace.

Qaraqosh was the refugee place for many Christians who escaped Mosul. Now Qaraqosh is occupied. was the first to obtain Middle Eastern sources to show footage from Qaraqosh and see first hand the plight of the Christians there:


The heart wrenching testimonies are sent to the United States.

At 2:06 into the video the interviewer asks “Are you praying?”

“Yes we prayed in the Church as soon as we arrived to Ein Kawa”.

She couldn’t talk since she was chocked avoiding to cry.

“They posted their banners on our churches and they removed all the crosses” another Christian testifies (See 2:29)

Another Christian lady being interviewed was asked about her little son. She responds “From lunchtime until now, all he is doing praying to Jesus and is holding the Gospels in his hand. We were thrown out and we have no food.” (2:44)

“This is the greatest insult to Christendom and it is happening and no one does anything” (2:57) one Christian pleads, yet another said that “America is the master of all nations, as it entered Iraq, it has responsibility to defend its Christians”. (3:00)

A spokesman for the Red Crescent Mohammad Khuzai in a statement by the Red Crescent which translated:

“Elements of ISIS kidnapped women from the Yezidis and Christian as Sabaya (war booty slaves), and subjected them to be sold.”

According to eyewitnesses reported by Awsat News, the number of abducted Christian women in the city of Mosul alone reached more than 500 women. He stressed that the beautiful among them were taken to the ISIS princes.

Alkhozai revealed that:

“ISIS detained dozens of families at the airport in Tal Afar, Turkmen, Yazidi and Christians after killing all the men.”

The statement issued on Tuesday which got to Agence France-Presse, a copy, that:

“information confirming that “ISIS took women and girls who are being held inside Sinjar and also deported a number of women with their families at the airport in Tal Afar after the killing of the men. The fate of each of these women is unknown.”

The Ministry emphasizes that any “delay in rescuing the people of Sinjar will double the size of the suffering and contribute to increasing the quality and quantity of violations, which ISIS persist to commit heinous acts of brutality.”

Alqosh resident Father Gabriel said that when the raids started late on Wednesday night, the Christians and other minority groups ran for their lives with tens of thousands of people heading for the Kurdish area of northern Iraq.

Al-Jazeerah showed footage to the fleeing Christians reporting the around 100,000 Christians fled:

France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius has called for the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency meeting over Isis’s advances on Thursday.

Mr Fabius said: “Faced with the seriousness of the situation, France requests an emergency meeting over the situation in Iraq after Islamic State militants seized the country’s largest Christian city.”

As reported this week ISIS’s advances into Sinjar, a major city for Yezidis forcefully taking away a large number of children. The Gulf News reported that Yazidi women were taken for Jihad Nikah (Sex Slaves).

The ISIS also hoisted their black banner over a major Mosul dam on the Tigris River which will give the ISIS the ability to cut off significant water supplies and electricity and since the Kurdish forces had been forced out of the area, Iraq is poised to be flooded throughout by the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS).

In the meanwhile, ISIS issued a propaganda video showing Muslim women pleading to The Caliph, Al-Baghdadi to send reinforcements to Hums, Syria complaining without evidence that they are being raped by Shiites:




  • SeanP

    I shudder to think what ISIS will do next after they overrun Iraq…

  • susan

    Walid, I am shocked that the United States has done nothing to help these people. What about our churches? I haven’t seen any evidence yet that they are helping in sermons, donations or by protesting the lack of action by our government. Are they doing things but it’s not being publicized? Has chrislam taken over large churches? I’m dumbfounded. What is it going to take to wake up our churches? An asteroid? A nuclear or biological attack? The sun growing hotter and hotter? What do you think it’s going to take Walid?

    • shoebat


      Jesus said “You shall know them by their fruits”. Let this verse from Jesus be a lesson to all, that no matter how your church or your friends seems to be “Christian”, its by their fruits (deeds) you should be able to evaluate them.

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  • Kyle

    Mr. Walid Shoebat,
    Thank you for faithfulness and service for the sake of our Lord. Just like Susan has said below, it is so frustrating seeing the lack of “action” within the Church today, especially the American Church. I honestly wanted to say so much, but the more I think about it, it really makes me sick. All I can say is that this nation is so spoiled and we whine and complain about so much when we have so much and there are people around the world that are suffering on a daily basis that need our help, that need our prayers, that need our financial support that pretty much need us to be what God has called us to do, but here we are so busy worrying about how I spilled a cup of coffee on my shirt on the way to work today and how horrible it was and then I took a picture and put it on my Facebook and made a joke of it and then I Twitter’d how angry I was about it and then I Twitter’d that I am feeling better and that I really didn’t get burnt to the people who were worried about me and then I looked on Facebook to see if anyone commented on my shirt and made some other comments about those comments and then at work it was such a long and rough day working from 8am-5pm and my boss was just nagging me and then I came home and I was so tired and the kids were screaming and fighting and my wife was yelling at me to take care of them and then I couldn’t watch my football game on TV because the kids were having a sleepover and watching a movie and then I decided to go to bed, but my wife was still angry at me and that was kind of hard and then I opened my Bible read a couple chapters of John, turned off the light and prayed to God to help me get through these hard times right now. And then the next morning I meet my friends for a prayer meeting and shared what happened to me yesterday.
    This is a day in a typical American Christian Man’s life. Now of course I am not saying this is wrong and bad, but it is a matter of putting things into perspective that matters. As Christians we are called to help our brothers and sisters around the world who going through actual Trials and Tribulations and who are facing severe persecution for their faith in the Lord. I would like to say more, but maybe another time. But again, Walid, thank you so much for what you are doing(especiallly your youtube videos, they are so insightful) for your courage to stand up and expose Islam for what it really is. When will the world wake up and smell the coffee?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    That’s the really hard part: not to have hatred for the person that commits what we do hate. In time, God will have his day on the savages and will release an army of soldiers to mete out His justice. Till then, we have to pray for those that are persecuted, and pray for a surrendering of the hearts of the people committing these atrocities. Spiritual warfare is weapon #1, BUT, that does not relieve us of the material aspect of our warfare, it too is important. We have to financially and materially support those who are rescuing the persecuted and bringing their cause to the forefront. Appreciate your message.

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  • Andrew Helsel

    We showed them how to make gun-free zones.

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  • Michele Keegan

    Of course we care……I pray that Jesus will rise up and help all from terrorists acts.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Muslims are committing genocide all over the globe and the world says nothing. as I have said before we as Jews and Christians are on our own yehoshua thou shall avenge the blood of the saints

  • James Biswas

    Zephaniah 2:4-7

    1 Gather yourselves, even gather, O

    nation not being longed for;

    2 before the birth of the decree, the

    day shall pass like the chaff, yet not

    before the hot anger of YAHWEH

    comes on you, yet not before the day of

    the anger of YAHWEH comes on you.

    3 Seek YAHWEH, all the meek of the

    earth who have done His justice; seek

    righteousness; seek meekness. It may

    be you shall be hidden in the day of

    the anger of YAHWEH.

    4 For Gaza shall be forsaken, and

    Ashkelon a desolation. They shall

    drive Ashdod out at the noonday, and

    Ekron shall be rooted up.

    5 Woe to those living in the seacoast,

    the nation of the Cherethites!1 The

    Word of YAHWEH is against you,

    Canaan, the land of the Philistines; I

    will destroy you so there shall not be

    an inhabitant.

    6 And the seacoast shall be pastures,

    meadows of shepherds, and folds for

    the flock.

    7 And the coast shall be for the

    remnant of the house of Judah; they

    shall feed on them. In the houses of

    Ashkelon, they shall lie down in the

    evening, for YAHWEH their Elohim shall visit them and return their


  • Andre Murray

    Has any asked the Pope for help?

  • John

    Where is MOO-SHELLe’s hashtag “Save our Christan girls” ??

  • emanuel

    Firstly I am a Christian, and yes a good one at that, not out of bragging but rather recognizing who I am in Christ Jesus.. I am also a staunch supporter of Israel and the right of Israel to live in peace with her Palestinian neighbors, be they Christians or muslims. And yes there are Christians in the Palestinian territories. I am not sure that all these “hate spewing “Christian Americans even understand Palestinian. Christians get killed too in the fight between Israel.and Hams. I have since realized that there is a very sad trend these days amongst some Americans who usually become Christians once there is an issue whether international or domestic that involve both religion and the president of the united states..I mean especially this President- Barack Obama. Suddenly everyone of these kinds of Christians has their judgments ready against the President and fellow Christian with faults just like any other human, even before they get a single fact right about what the President is trying to do or mobilizing his administration to do to alleviate the pains of humanity in a troubled world that no single individual or country as powerful as the US can prevent. One of the most prominent admonition of the scriptures to Christians is first “Love your neighbor..”you know the rest. And..”pray for your leaders”…that they might gain wisdom. God didn’t say hate them, judge them because they or the President is not Christian enough for you. Or call him horrible names because you disagree with some or just about anything does or say. Tell me you “Christian Warriors” what time in history was America involved in every street fight and violence in every corner of the world especially. Middle east? What about the Americans who are also Christians dying in thousands yearly on the streets of America, who is fighting for them?

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  • galia

    There is nothing to believe these people. Who fight in the name of religion

  • shoebat

    Indeed, the devil knows his time is short so he is going on over drive. Erodgan just won and now you will see how fast that devil will move:

  • beinerfelt

    After reading down the page, your comment is the only one I find 100% valid.
    I wonder why I’m the only one up voting it…
    Guess there is only room for fanatic Christians citing the bible or blaming Obama for all that’s wrong in the world…

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  • Greatergreeter

    Ehm are dense ? TRhe blood is not on IObamas hands, possibly Bush’s. The Christiuan were safe at the hands of Sadam. Also the AMERICAN people don’t want OBAMA to send to troops to aid the IRaq and its Christians, if he did they would call OBAMA a TYRANT and despot. And you know that.

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